Runaway Fair comes to town

Abingdon Council News - Fri, 10/14/2016 - 21:49

The Runaway Fair will take place this coming Monday, 17th October from midday onwards.

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The Battle of the Somme: by Gareth Howell and Rick Stevens

Abingdon Council News - Thu, 10/13/2016 - 16:38

Abingdon County Hall Museum presents The Battle of the Somme, by BBC historical advisor Gareth Howell and WW1 relic hunter Rick Stevens.

An informative talk, artefacts display and memorial evening to mark the centenary of one of the most infamous battles of World War I. Exploring some of the actual weapons and equipment used in that fateful battle, Rick and Gareth discuss what really happened 100 years ago at the Somme. 

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Abingdon Michaelmas and Runaway Fairs come to town!

Abingdon Council News - Fri, 10/07/2016 - 11:57

Abingdon Michaelmas Fair will take place on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th October from 12 noon to 11pm each day.  It is the longest street fair in Europe, running from the Market Place, through the High Street, The Square and the full length of Ock Street.  This historic street fair has its origins in the labour problems which prevailed after the Black Death of 1348/9.  Men were hired for agricultural work at Michaelmas and the Fair provided an  opportunity for staff to be hired for the next 12 months.  The Fair remained partly a hiring fair until the 20th Ce

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MG: Racing, Rallying, Record-Breaking - Exhibition now open

Abingdon Council News - Mon, 10/03/2016 - 16:10

MG have been in the realms of motorsport since their inception in the 1920’s. Fighting against the biggest names in Motorsport including Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Bugatti, MG has been part of an elite racing heritage that has seen them win challenging circuits and break the toughest records.

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Saturday 1st October: Freedom of the Vale to be exercised in Abingdon

Abingdon Council News - Wed, 09/28/2016 - 15:27

The following press release has been received from the Vale of White Horse District Council:

Local residents and visitors are invited to attend a march through Abingdon on Saturday 1st October involving over 100 soldiers from 3 and 4 Regiments Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) granted freedom of the Vale.

Service personnel from the Dalton Barracks based Regiments will march through the town in a display of ceremony and tradition accompanied by services band musicians.

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Abingdon Michaelmas and Runaway Fairs

Abingdon Council News - Wed, 08/31/2016 - 17:21

Abingdon's autumn street Fairs will soon be in town.

The Michaelmas Fair - which runs from the Market Place through the High Street and the entire length of Ock Street, dates back to the middle ages and is the longest street fair in Europe.  It moves in on Sunday 9th October and is open to the public on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th October.

The following week the smaller Runaway Fair takes place in the Market Place and the High Street (to its junction with West St Helen Street). It moves in on Sunday 16th October and will be open to the public on Monday 17th October.

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Medieval Abingdon brochures available

Abingdon Council News - Tue, 08/16/2016 - 10:26

Welcome to Medieval Abingdon brochures are now available. Please visit the museum reception, tourist information and keep an eye out for copies in your local shops. Alternatively please download a copy from the Medieval Abingdon page  

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Heritage Festival and Heritage Open Days 10-11 September

Abingdon Council News - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 16:54

The year is 1416 and the Market Place is alive with activity. Welcome to Medieval Abingdon - the 2016 Abingdon Heritage Festival with Heritage Open Days - on 10 September 2016, where visitors will be offered free entry to a day of fabulous medieval family activities, shops, stalls and events. Witness a Foot Knight Tournament, medieval forge, archery, medieval cookery and moneyer, leather purse-making and much much more. Keep a look out for details in the upcoming brochure which will be available online from 6th August 2016. 

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Guildhall Development Open Day - 23rd July 2016

Abingdon Council News - Wed, 07/06/2016 - 17:41

The Guildhall Development Project has now received official planning permission and listed building consent. Detailed technical design is taking place ahead of building tenders being requested. 

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