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Norfolk County Council News Update

Norfolk Council News Feed - 33 min 38 sec ago

You are subscribed to News releases for Norfolk County Council.

The following news has recently been added to our website:

Norfolk recycling centres gear up for eleventh annual hazardous household waste amnesties

View details on our news page.

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Norfolk County Council News Update

You are subscribed to News releases for Norfolk County Council.

The following news has recently been added to our website:

Norfolk recycling centres gear up for eleventh annual hazardous household waste amnesties

View details on our news page.

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Be inspired by fabric, colour, texture and design!

Norfolk Council News Feed - 5 hours 28 min ago
Did you know you can now pay by direct debit for courses costing more than £150 and by instalments for courses over £100? Be inspired by fabrics, colours, textures and designs with our wonderful creative textiles courses. City & Guilds Level 3 - Creative textiles for beginners. Learners will need to enrol on the Information, advice and guidance course (IAG) first.


City & Guilds Level 3 - Creative textiles advanced (Weds) - Learners will need to enrol to the IAG first.


City & Guilds Level 3 - Creative textiles advanced (Fri) - Learners will need to enrol to the IAG first
Learners aged 24 or over joining a level 3 or 4 classroom based qualification can apply for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan. 
Find out more 


We also run creative textiles courses for those who do not wish to gain a qualification. Creative textiles for beginners - Monday, Thursday


Find out more by clicking on your chosen course above or enrol online through the IAG links. If you would prefer to speak to an advisor call 0344 800 8020. Web:
Tel: 0344 800 8022
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Norfolk County Council News Update

Norfolk Council News Feed - Mon, 09/01/2014 - 17:50

You are subscribed to News releases for Norfolk County Council.

The following news has recently been added to our website:

The countdown begins to Norfolk’s Recycling Revolution

View details on our news page.

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Environment Team News

Norfolk Council News Feed - Mon, 09/01/2014 - 11:14
ISSUE 5 - September 2014Environment Team News Three cheers for our volunteers!

Environment Team offers a large range of volunteering opportunities which keep people engaged and active whilst helping their local communities and the environment.  Volunteer time is invaluable to Environment Team across a range of projects and activities - from practical work on Norfolk Trails to office-based GIS mapping. 

We hope you enjoy reading more about our volunteers in this September issue of Environment Team News. 

Got a question for us?  Please get in touch -

Could you be an archaeologist in your community?

Norfolk Historic Environment Service is a key partner in three heritage projects worth £155,547 as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded "Breaking New Ground" Landscape Partnership Scheme. The three projects: 'Ground Disturbance', Brecks from Above' and 'Discovering the Archaeological Landscape of the Brecks' will focus on increasing our understanding of the unique archaeological landscape of the Brecks and enabling the public to access this diverse heritage.

As part of 'Discovering the Archaeological Landscape of the Brecks', at least 180 volunteers from Norfolk and Suffolk will be trained in field and desk-based research techniques so they can undertake their own community based projects to find out more about the past in their area. By training and supporting a body of local people in heritage skills we hope to promote an increased awareness of the internationally important archaeological landscape of the Brecks and provide a forum for people to conduct and share their own research projects. Find out more: the Discovering the Archaeological Landscape of the Brecks team will be holding a launch event for the project on 1st November at West Stow Anglo-Saxon village from 12 - 4pm.  Come along to find out how to volunteer with us!  There will also be more details of some of the other heritage projects in the Scheme.  More information on Breaking New Ground can be found here.

Did you know? Our aerial photograph library contains around 100,000 photographs, up to 1000 of which will be digitised as part of the 'Brecks from Above' project to make them more accessible. ..or a wildlife recorder ?

Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service (NBIS), the county’s record centre for biological and geological data is hunting for enthusiastic volunteers to collect information about wildlife found at over 60 sites across Breckland.  By returning to the same location to re-record year on year, long-term changes in Norfolk's biodiversity will be studied. They will join 20 existing volunteers already recruited to the Norfolk Species Surveillance Network (NSSN). Workshops will train the new volunteers, building up their skill levels so that communities can run their own recording networks.  No experience is necessary – just enthusiasm for Norfolk’s wildlife.  The initiative is part of Breaking New Ground, a Heritage Lottery Fund project.  Click here for more information.

Did you know?  Environment Team is recruiting two recent graduates to nine month internships, boosting their chances in a competitive job market. Offering the opportunity to hone their ICT skills through developing ecological maps that link habitats, our interns will also learn at first hand how we safeguard Norfolk’s natural environment.Rangers recruitment success

Norfolk Trails at Environment Team set up a network of volunteer Rangers in January who report problems on popular Weavers’ Way and Paston Way. Over 160 enthusiastic people have stepped forward to help, sending in details of overgrown vegetation, missing signs, and faulty stiles, 4 times a year.  Assistant Project Officer, Polly Bryant, who organised the recruitment, said “Our Trails Rangers help us to maintain these long distance paths to a high standard, increasing the enjoyment of the countryside for everyone.   An amazing 375 hours has been volunteered already!"

Our Trails Rangers join the ranks of long-standing volunteers.  Over 750 hours were volunteered last year on Norfolk Trails  worth a valuable £11,000 (using Volunteer England calculations), providing a return of 4:1 for every pound spent – an excellent return on our investment.  In addition to route monitoring, Norfolk Trails can offer volunteering opportunities such as helping to make repairs and improvements to the routes themselves or office work.  New recruits are always welcome and we try to match activities with current skills, or to help people develop new skills – such as in First Aid.  Contact for more information.  

Did you know? Over 200 people volunteer for Norfolk Trails with a further 100 registered and awaiting trainingGoing the distance on the coast 

Long term-volunteering by the Norfolk Coast Partnership's five community representatives brings valuable local knowledge and perspectives to management of the area of outstanding natural beauty. Elected by parish councils, they attend partnership forum meetings and the core management group. As well as involving local communities, they help steer the implementation of the management plan. More information here.

Our Service Areas 

1. Biodiversity
2. Historic Environment Record

3. Identification and Recording

4. Norfolk Trails

5. Planning Advice

6. Projects

7. Trees and Woodlands

8. Norfolk Coast Partnership

Meet two of our volunteers..Polly  - who has used her volunteering placement with Environment Team to launch her career in conservation. "Before volunteering with Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service (NBIS) I had not realised the range of work the Natural Environment Team undertakes for Norfolk’s wildlife. Opportunities were highly varied and interesting, allowing me to develop a wide range of skills for my CV. I was able to move onto a paid role helping to manage invasive species in Norfolk, working with NNNSI and RINSE, a European funded project for which NCC is lead partner."and Gill - who volunteers to look after 2 sections of the Weavers' Way and 2 circular walks on the doorstep of the holiday cottages she owns and manages.  " I walk each of my trails every quarter to look out for any problems on the path such as damage to signs, footbridges or gates, or where the path may have deteriorated because it’s boggy or got lots of rabbit holes; I pick up any litter and I might need to snip back the brambles around the waymarkers so they are easier to see.  I then send a short report to the Norfolk Trails team so action can be taken as necessary.  I’ve always been a keen walker and I’d like to encourage more people to enjoy the trails.  With the Norfolk Trails team, I’m hoping to help lay a geocache trail which will encourage walkers with young children onto the path.   I’m also involved in an initiative to get Aylsham recognised as a great destination for walkers through the ‘Walkers are Welcome’ scheme as both the Weavers Way and Marriott’s Way converge on Aylsham."Things to do this September

1. Discover Norfolk's First World War archaeology, such as this practice trench (below) at Winterton. Series of talks at venues across Norfolk from Claire Bradshaw of the Historic Environment Service. Follow this link for more information.

2. Norfolk Trails recommends the Paston Way Cromer to Southrepps short walk this September.  You can get the bus or Bittern Line train to Cromer and Southrepps (Gunton Station for the train), meaning you could leave the car behind!  Download the map and information here.

Don't forget the Norfolk Trails' Treasure Photo Competition - open to 30th September.   Great prizes and special under 13s category.  

3.  Send in your sightings of English wasps. (see picture above by Tim Evison (published under a Creative Commons licence).  You'll need to look closely to be sure of your identification: the German wasp is very similar, but has three spots on its head. 

Environment TeamWorking with you to safeguard Norfolk's great outdoors for your benefit and enjoyment. Find out more about volunteering with the team here.

 Environment Team -

Biodiversity | Historic Environment RecordIdentification and Recording | Norfolk Coast Partnership |
Norfolk Trails | Planning Advice | Projects (grants) | Trees and Woodlands
Subscribe to this bulletin here | Share this bulletin " style="color: #FFFFFF;">here  

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Norfolk County Council News Update

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 08/29/2014 - 17:34

You are subscribed to News releases for Norfolk County Council.

The following news has recently been added to our website:

County Council should plan for £17.5m funding gap next year advises key report

Norfolk museums 'excellent' places to visit

View details on our news page.

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Norfolk County Council - Policy and Resources Committee

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 08/29/2014 - 16:01

You are subscribed to receive this alert and notification regarding the publication of Norfolk County Council Committee Papers relating to Policy and Resources Committee. The Supplementary Agenda for the meeting due to be held on 5 September 2014 is now available.
Please note that Norfolk County Council is moving towards more paperless working and printed meeting papers are not generally available at our public meetings. Please click on the highlighted link above and then, within the site that opens, click the relevant date under the “Scheduled Meeting Date” column to see these papers.
If you have any queries please email

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Your must read of the month - August 2014

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 08/29/2014 - 13:37
Your must read of the month - August 2014In this edition:  Hello from Wendy Thomson, launch of our next round of Outstanding Contribution Awards, find out how things are going on the 8th floor of County Hall, benefits week and much more... Hello from Wendy

Watch the short video of Wendy Thomson, our Managing Director above, and then read the message below.

Sixty-one percent of you took the time to complete our 2014 Employee Survey, giving your views on a whole range of factors about working for Norfolk County Council. This is a great result and a higher response rate than last time (2011).

On a personal note, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who did so, because getting to grips with the survey’s results and understanding them properly will really help me shape the council’s development and performance.

In my first week, I joined senior managers to hear a presentation from the consultants we used to carry out the survey, setting out the headline results in a pretty ‘raw’ form.  Click here to read more >>>

Make someone's day - nominate them for an OSCA 

It’s time to start nominating your colleagues in this year’s staff Outstanding Contribution Awards (OSCAs). This year we are changing it slightly so that you can nominate your colleagues for all of the categories all year round.

At the end of each quarter, we will announce one winner for each category. All finalists will then be invited to our celebration ceremony where the winner of winners for each category will be announced.

Categories are: Customer focus, Accountable, Working together, Innovative, Trust and respect and Business-like.Click here to find out more.  

8th floor open for business

People working in Children’s Services and Community Services have now moved to their new location on the 8th floor in County Hall. We have loads of positive feedback including:

“Having come from the corporate arena in the outside world, it is nice to see the professionalism of NCC staff reflected in bright, clean and professional surroundings. It definitely does make a positive difference to the working day.” Melinda Fargo, Children’s Services

 “Its like working on Cloud 9, open, airy, light, happy and peaceful – easy to work to the full” Tierni Broderick, Children’s Services

“I am finding the new working arrangements really beneficial. It is much quieter than I imagined and there is more contact between people, allowing for more networking and greater communication.” Katherina Brady, Community Services

“Calming colour scheme - a very good choice. Changing desks is nice, you get to sit with different people and a different view every day” Joanna Springall, Community Services.

Watch the video above to hear what Harold Bodmer and Sheila Lock have to say about the move.

Are you ready for an emergency?

Being caught in an emergency can be scary.  Whether its severe weather, flooding or a power cut, it’s good to know what to do to help yourself and those around you.

Every year the Norfolk Resilience Forum runs Norfolk Prepared Week to demonstrate the kinds of simple measures we can all take to make sure we’re ready for emergencies.  This year’s theme is to ‘Be Prepared and Stay Safe’.

Norfolk Prepared Week 2014 kicks off at the Forum in Norwich on 20 September, 10am to 4pm, with a whole range of interesting events, demonstrations, activities and competitions with some cool prizes

During the day, you’ll be able to pick up top tips on everything from fire safety to First Aid, online safety, flood protection and more.  There will also be some live demonstrations, including, car cutting from the Emergency Services and the launch of our App. 

And of course you’ll be able to meet someone who’s always ready for an emergency...Ready Eddy the Emergency Teddy! 

For more information on Norfolk Prepared Week visit the Norfolk Resilience Forum website at   or follow us on Twitter (@NorfolkPrepared).  

Keep up to date with our museum trainees

Back in January we featured the new round of trainees at the Norfolk Teaching Museum. Now you can keep up to date with their progress by reading their weekly blog.

More from around the CouncilIt's benefits week!

Did you know that since we opened Norfolk Rewards to staff in February 2013 over 35% of eligible employees have registered and saved over £50,000 collectively?

If you haven’t registered yet, Benefits Week is the perfect time - as the first week of the month is Super Saver week when some retailers offer higher discounts meaning you can save even more than normal! 

Using Norfolk Rewards you can save on holidays and airport parking, DIY, and fashion to everyday shopping.  You can save money using pre-loadable cards and cashback.  Local offers are also featured on the site and you can find out about our salary sacrifice schemes, and travel to work discounts too.


Throughout next week we will have visitors in the County Hall foyer over the lunch period with information on offers:  

Monday - Anglian Bus/Konectbus

Tuesday - Halfords and Kiddivouchers

Wednesday - Vodafone

Thursday - First Bus

Friday - Nuffield Health  

Win win win!

As an extra bonus, why not take part in our short quiz for your chance to win a Vodafone Smart Tab? The winner will be announced the following week.

If you are unable to register on the Norfolk Rewards site, or have any queries, contact HR Direct on 01603 222212. 

10,000 more Norfolk children are now in effective schools

Hear George Nobbs, Leader of the Council, Sheila Lock, Interim Director of Children's Services, and James Joyce, Member and Chairman of the Children's Services Committee, talk about Ofsted's effective judgement.

Meet the Chaplain

Did you know that we have a Chaplain available for all staff? Click here to find out more about Chris Copsey and the Quiet Room. Also look out for a special exhibition in the foyer at County Hall w/c 15 September.  

Are you a Dementia Friend?

People with dementia sometimes need a helping hand to go about their daily lives and feel included in their local community. ‘Dementia Friends’ is a national initiative, giving people an understanding of dementia and the small things they can do that can make a difference to people living with dementia.

220 members of staff have now been on one of our Dementia Friend workshops, and we have one running each month till the end of the year. So don't miss out, book your place on Learning Hub.  For more details and to book your place, please log onto Learning Hub. It is essential that you book your place on Learning Hub before attending a session so that we can make sure we have the right resources for you on the day.  

50 years' service

Sue Grange started working for us (on punch cards) at the Thorpe Road sorting office back in 1964.  She then moved to County Hall when it opened and when punch cards were replaced by new paper tape technology. This service then became the Norwich and Norfolk Joint Computer Department, followed by further change when the team became part of Itex. 

Sue is now based on the ground floor of the Annexe at County Hall, working in the Payments team and on Friday 5 September she will have worked for Norfolk County Council for 50 years.

Your checklist for the month ahead... Have you....

Click here to feedback on any items in this edition of Horizon

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Norfolk Arts Forum Bulletin 29 August 2014

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 08/29/2014 - 12:30

Dear Norfolk Arts Forum Members,

Welcome to the 29th of August 2014 edition of the Norfolk Arts Forum Bulletin. Below you will find information on jobs, opportunities, and funding for the arts in Norfolk.

Job OpportunitiesProject Administrator (Freelance) - North Norfolk Stories

Museums Norfolk, the membership organisation that supports museums and heritage sites across the county, is seeking a freelance Project Administrator to deliver North Norfolk Stories, a two-year project funded by a £75,800 Heritage Lottery Fund grant. North Norfolk Stories will establish an annual, large-scale and free Museums at Night event in North Norfolk that will be self-sustaining when the project is completed. Twenty-one partner organisations, including museums, libraries and heritage sites are involved. Key to the project is that it aims to engage more people with heritage, as both participants and visitors, and will provide training for young people in valuable employment skills. It also includes an education programme for schools, reading groups in libraries, opportunities for volunteering, and mentoring and skill sharing between partners.

The post holder’s role is to support the freelance Project Manager to develop and deliver this project during 2014-16 and will also work closely with the Museums Norfolk Development Manager and Museums Norfolk Committee. The successful applicant will be based mainly at home but travelling to meetings and event venues in Norwich and North Norfolk will be required. Applicants should have excellent communication and organisational skills, the ability to prioritise tasks, experience of budget monitoring, and experience of producing reports.

The post is offered at a fixed fee of £10,800 inclusive of all travel and personal expenses and is expected to commence on approximately 6 October 2014 and end on 31 August 2016. This is based on an estimate of 120 days’ work over the duration of the project. However, the number of days per week spent on the project will fluctuate at different points according to the varying demands of the schedule.

Deadline for applications is Wednesday 3 September 2014. Interviews are expected to take place mid September at the Shirehall, Norwich.

For more information and a full job description and person specification please contact Laura Crossley, Project Manager at

Assistant Front of House Manager - DanceEast

£16,321 pro-rata

DanceEast is seeking to recruit two part-time Front of House Managers, working 18-22 hours each, primarily evenings and weekends. You will assist the Front of House Manager in the day to day operation of the Box Office and Reception maintaining an excellent standard of Customer Care and Box Office service, whilst acting as Duty Manager. You should have excellent communications and customer service skills and experience of working in a customer facing role. You will be able to perform well under pressure; be a creative thinker and problem solver; with the ability to manage multiple priorities.

Completed applications must arrive at DanceEast by noon on Friday 5 September 2014. Successful applicants will be invited to interview at the Jerwood DanceHouse, Ipswich on Wednesday 10 or Thursday 11 September.

For further information please visit

Marketing Manager - Marina Theatre Trust

Salary: £21,734

Lowestoft’s 800 seat Marina Theatre has been at the cultural heart of North Suffolk for over 100 years and presents a varied, year round programme of live events and screenings. Following an extensive refurbishment, a new Café, Gallery and Box Office facility was created in 2012 with the thriving cinema operation converted to digital in 2013 which included the addition of a new alternative content strand. An additional community space was added in 2014.

The Marina Theatre Trust – a registered charity - was set up to administer and run the Theatre in 2011 and we now have now an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic Marketing Manager to build on the success already achieved.

The successful candidate will manage the marketing operation of the Theatre and effectively promote all shows and activities. Ideally you will be a dedicated professional with a keen knowledge and interest in theatre, film and performance, have a proven ability to work with paid staff & volunteers of varied age and ability, be calm in a crisis  and able to work both as part of a small management team and on your own initiative. Sense of humour essential!

Based at the Marina Theatre, the role is a permanent, full time position, subject to completion of a satisfactory probationary period.

Closing date: 8 September 2014
Anticipated Interview date: 12 September 2014

For full job description please visit

Evening Technician: Media Lab - Norwich University of the Arts

£9.89 to £11.09 per hour
12 hours per week (4.30 pm to 7.30 pm) up to 28 weeks per academic year

A vacancy has opened up to join the successful team technical in the Media Lab, providing specialist support and instruction in digital media production and post-production for 2D and 3D animation, moving image and sound. The Media Lab resources comprise professional workstations equipped with software that includes Final Cut, Logic Pro, Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection, Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate Collection, TV Paint and Dragonframe.

The successful candidate will be a skilled technician with proven professional experience of digital media production working in a commercial or Higher Education environment. The ability to support students producing professional, high quality results across a range of digital media disciplines is essential.

Closing Date: Thursday 11th September 2014
Interview Date: Thursday 18th September 2014

For further information please visit

Development OpportunitiesIdeasTap Webinar

How to Create & Launch your First Product
with: Patricia van den Akker (The Design Trust)

4 September

Have you just graduated in design or crafts and don’t know where to start with creating a product? Do you have a product or collection and want to launch it soon (just in time before the busy Christmas season)? Sign up for this webinar from IdeasTap for information and advice.

Writing is Rewriting: a Novel Revision Workshop with James Scudamore - Writers' Centre Norwich

Date: 20/09/2014
Time: 10am-4pm
Prices: £75/£55 conc
Location: Writers' Centre Norwich

Struggling with rewrites? Not quite sure where your novel is going wrong? Devote a day to the art of rewriting with critically acclaimed author James Scudamore and learn the knack to editing through practical exercises and focused discussion.

You’ll look at example texts and examine the different approaches and techniques the author has used within their prose, and then explore how these techniques can be applied to your own writing. You’ll be invited to share your work with your peers, and with James, benefiting from a fresh perspective on your prose.

James will set exercises, giving you the tools to experiment with tone and voice. You’ll discover new editing techniques, which will help you address structural issues and inconsistencies within your novel.

James Scudamore is an expert creative writing tutor and critically acclaimed author. He has held two fellowships at the University of East Anglia and currently teaches at City University Hong Kong and on the Guardian/UEA Masterclasses. He has written three novels, including The Amnesia Clinic which won the 2007 Somerset Maugham Award and Heliopolis which was longlisted for the Man Booker. 

You will be asked to circulate work for James in advance, and will also be given some preparatory reading. This workshop is suitable for intermediate and advanced level writers.

Further information can be found here.

John Hughes' Painting Workshops - Westacre Theatre

John Hughes returns with another series of his extremely popular classes suitable for all abilities.

Based in the new Shed space at Westacre Theatre, these classes are perfect for those just starting out wanting to gain experience and for more experienced painters looking to develop their ideas.

8 weekly sessions Wednesdays 10.00am to 12.30pm
Starts 1 Oct (not 29 Oct)  Ends 26 Nov
£80 for the season

For further information and to book visit

Autumn Workshops at King's Lynn Arts Centre

Sewing Workshops
20-25th October 2014, 10-1.30pm
Venue: Shakespeare Barn
Price: £75 for six different sessions with local artists
The Arts Centre is trying something new - every Saturday morning a sewing workshop will take place in the Red Barn giving you the opportunity to brush up on existing skills or learn new ones.

Places limited to 10 participants. Course not available separately. To book visit

Drawing Workshops
18-22nd October 2014, 2-5pm
Venue: Shakespeare Barn
Price: £75 package for six sessions with local artists
The autumn is a perfect season to get your sketchbook out. The Arts Centre will be hosting on sight a series of drawing workshops where local artists have committed to encouraging others how to build and develop their personal vision. The programme includes graffiti, landscapes, botanical, life drawing and other lessons.

Places limited to 10 participants. Course not available separately. To book visit

Opportunities for Artists/Writers/PerformersPeter Pan Pantomime Auditions - Norwich Theatre Royal

Boys ages 6-9 from across the region are being given the chance to audition for this year’s Norwich Theatre Royal pantomime Peter Pan.

They will take on the roles of Michael and John Darling in the festive spectacular which runs from December 18 to January 18 and features an all-star cast including former Coronation Street legend Kevin Kennedy aka ‘Curly Watts’, CBeebies favourite Sid Sloane and the venue’s panto mainstay Richard Gauntlett.

Richard, who also writes and directs the production, said: “We are looking for boys to take on the roles of John and Michael, who will be characters aged six and ten in the show. They need to be willing to work hard and play hard, as well as have a head for heights and a sense of fun. This will also be a great opportunity for them to star in a professional theatre production alongside a host of top stage stars in the theatre’s biggest production of the year.”

Auditions will take place on Sunday 21 September at Norwich Theatre Royal in front of a panel including the show’s executive producer Jane Walsh, choreographer Dee Jago, and musical director David Carter who will look for suitable performers alongside Richard Gauntlett.

Executive producer Jane Walsh said: “We are looking for three teams of Michael’s and John’s and they will take turns performing. Rehearsals will begin on Monday 1 December and the successful boys will also need to attend extra rehearsals and classes prior to this.”

Registration will be at Norwich Theatre Royal on 21 September starting at 9am for boys aged 9 to 14, and 10.30am for boys aged 6 to 9. All boys must be accompanied to the auditions by a parent or guardian and the audition process may last until early afternoon.

To take part, would-be performers need to download further information at

Mash-Up Filmmaking Competition - East Anglian Film Archive and The Forum

Inspired by the success of the ‘Mash-up’ competitions hosted by archives around the world, EAFA and The Forum are launching an exciting new film making competition this summer. The judges’ favourite film will be screened at a special event at The Forum’s Fusion Screen on Tuesday 4 November 2014; the lucky winner will also be awarded a 5 year cultural and educational licence for their mash-up film (worth over £300), as well as £250 in cash to fund their next production. The winning film will be added to the EAFA’s collections, and preserved for the region.

The Brief:

  • Make a short film (Between 1 and 5 minutes in duration)
  • At least 50% of the total running time of the new production must consist of archive film (taken from the package of films we’re making available to you for the purpose).
  • Tell us at the time of submitting your new work, which of the ‘themes’ you have selected:
  1. Earth
  2. High days and holidays
  3. Construct/Create
  4. Home

The themes have been purposefully left a little open-ended; allowing for different interpretations.

Submissions won’t be judged on production values alone. What we’re looking for is creativity, imagination, and overall how you chose to interact with the archive film. For example, you may wish to combine the archive films with material you have shot yourself, you could re-edit them in an innovative way, or perhaps add effects, or audio/visual material you have sourced (with the necessary permissions) from elsewhere.

Key dates:
Opening date for entries: Monday 18 August 2014
Closing date for submissions: Friday 17 October 2014
The winner will be notified: Week beginning 27 October

If you fancy giving it a go, then visit for an entry form and full details.

Industry Research & InformationITC Conference: The Spirit of Independence

Tuesday, 16 September, 10.15am – 8.30pm
The Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX

ITC’s 40th anniversary will explore, celebrate and discuss the unique spirit that unites independent theatre. We will reflect upon the extraordinary achievement of the membership over the last 40 years and contemplate the future potential. The spirit of independence will be introduced by François Matarasso, discussed by artists including Bryony Kimmings, Jenny Sealey and Paulette Randall and explored throughout the day in conversations, provocations, informational and peer learning sessions. Further speakers and contributors will be announced over the next few weeks.  

Your ideas about the future of independent theatre will form the heart of the day. If you have a burning issue you would like to discuss with peers this is your opportunity to call a session. Sessions called already by members include:

  • Theatre is about people not buildings: close 1 in 3 venues!
  • How do we get the best from the press?
  • Closing the wealth gap – paying artists
  • Is touring dead?
  • The development of Black theatre
  • Innovative finance for creative businesses
  • Live screening – life or death to live performance?
  • Women in Theatre
  • Reaching and engaging young people
  •   Share your suggestions at #ITC40 or by email (

The conference will close with a party - drinks and live music.

For further information visit

What Next? Norfolk Chapter Meeting

The Festival, along with the Writers' Centre are convening a What Next? chapter in Norwich. What Next? is a national movement to advocate for the value of arts and culture to our lives. Currently, a flexible group is meeting weekly at either the Writers' Centre or NORCA HQ in Colegate.

What Next? is an opportunity to talk about issues that affect the arts sector, and helps to build the case for funding and support for arts-based activities. It will also be the springboard for sector-led activities to emerge. Nationally, it will lobby the Government and policy-makers to recognise the value of culture.

The details for next week's meeting are below:

Topic: Project-based (agenda TBC)
Date: Wednesday 3rd September 1-2pm
Location: Writers’ Centre Norwich, 14 Princes Street, Norwich, NR3 1AE

All are welcome, and if you are interested in attending meetings please email For further information, visit the What's Next? Norfolk Facebook Page

Funding OpportunitiesBaring Foundation - Arts & Older People Programme 2014

The Baring Foundation has announced that its Arts Projects programme 2014 is now open for applications. The programme will continue its theme of arts and older people. This year, the Foundation are inviting professional arts organisations to commission work with older artists (70+) who have the craft, the vision and the interest to explore age and ageing and to produce imaginative, original and compelling new works in any medium for public exhibition, performance, publication or digital distribution.

The lead applicant must be a not for profit arts organisation working in the UK, whose core purpose is commissioning, presenting, or producing arts (music, dance, theatre, visual arts, literature, film, or multi-disciplinary forms). Lead applicant arts organisations must have an income in 2013-14 of at least £400,000. Education establishments, hospitals, care homes and housing associations, local authorities, general charities and other non-arts bodies may be involved but may not be the lead applicant. Grants within a range of £5,000 to £25,000.

There is a two stage application process. The closing date for stage 1 applications is the 1st September 2014. Applications successful at this stage will be invited to submit a full proposal by the 10th November 2014. Please visit for more information.

PRSF/Bliss Trust - Composer Bursaries

The PRS for Music Foundation (PRSF) is an independent charitable organisation that stimulates and supports the creation, development and performance of new music in the UK.  It is the UK's largest independent funder of new music of any genre.

The Bliss Trust was founded to promote wider understanding and appreciation of the music of Arthur Bliss and to promote the education and further education of students of composition and young composers.

Bursaries of up to £750 are available to cover a wide range of purposes in support of professional development.

The next deadline is 22 September 2014.

For further information visit

Elephant Trust

The Elephant Trust was created in 1975 by Roland Penrose and Lee Miller with a view to developing and improving the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the fine arts in the United Kingdom.

The Trust awards grants to artists, small organisations and galleries within the United Kingdom to make it possible for artists and those presenting their work to undertake and complete projects when frustrated by lack of funds. It is committed to helping artists and institutions that depart from the routine and signal new, distinct and imaginative sets of possibilities. Grants are usually limited to £2,000, but larger grants up to £5,000 may be considered.

Fourth 2014 deadline: 29 September 2014

For further information visit

Access Arts Fund - Breckland Council

Financial assistance is available to local groups and talented individuals for events, activities or projects related to the arts taking place in Breckland. Grants of up to £500 are available and the average award is expected to be between £150 and £250.

All grant applications must be able to directly link their activity or project towards at least one of the following council objectives below:

  • Building Safer and Stronger Communities: Ensuring that communities are safe, secure, integrated with fairness and equality of opportunity for all.
  • Environment: Clean and Green.
  • Prosperous Communities: Healthy, prosperous and sustainable communities.

Funding can be used for:

  • Training costs - leading up to a particular event or competition, qualification or outcome.
  • Travel and equipment costs associated with an event or competition.
  • Fees associated with specialised training sessions and workshops.
  • Costs to attend performances or exhibitions that support the development of an individual or group.
  • Specialist equipment.

Applications are accepted at any time. For further information visit

Volunteering OpportunitiesFine Art & Textile Mentors - Norwich University of the Arts

Would you like to help a recent graduate to get started in fine art or textile design?

Norwich University of the Arts is running a mentoring programme for final year students to help them gain advice and feedback from experienced creative professionals as they begin their careers after graduation. We are currently looking for Fine Artists and Textile designers who would be willing to spare a couple of hours per month to give guidance and the benefit of their own experience to a new graduate with similar career aspirations. You can expect contact with your mentee at least once a month and the mentoring can be done by email, Facebook, Skype of face to face. If you are interested and would like to know more information and request a registration form please contact Richard Peat, Careers Adviser at:

Norfolk Arts Forum




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Norfolk County Council Trading Standards Business Scam, News and Information Alerts

Norfolk Council News Feed - Thu, 08/28/2014 - 17:55

You are subscribed to receive Business Scam Alerts, Trading Standards Business News and information. This information has recently been updated, and is now available.

Safety Alert – Trading Standards business guidance on safely installing fireplace surrounds – 26 August 2014

Report scams to;

Action Fraud (UK’s National Fraud Office) 0300 123 2040 or 

Trading Standards Business Line 0344 800 8020

See our Facebook page at: and ‘Like’ us

Follow us on twitter at

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Norfolk County Council Trading Standards Consumer Scam, News and Information Alerts

Norfolk Council News Feed - Thu, 08/28/2014 - 17:52

You are subscribed to receive Consumer Scam Alerts, Trading Standards news and information.  The following information has recently been added to our website. 

Safety Alert – Trading Standards advice on safely installing fireplace surrounds – 26 August 2014 Scam Alert – Emails claiming to be from Apple – 22 August 2014

Report scams to;

Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline 03454 04 05 06 or

Action Fraud (UK’s National Fraud Office) 0300 123 2040 or

See our Facebook page at: and ‘Like’ us

Or follow us on Twitter

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Norfolk County Council - Policy and Resources Committee

Norfolk Council News Feed - Thu, 08/28/2014 - 14:02

You are subscribed to receive this alert and notification regarding the publication of Norfolk County Council Committee Papers relating to Policy and Resources Committee. The Agenda for the meeting due to be held on 5 September 2014 is now available.
Please note that Norfolk County Council is moving towards more paperless working and printed meeting papers are not generally available at our public meetings. Please click on the highlighted link above and then, within the site that opens, click the relevant date under the “Scheduled Meeting Date” column to see these papers.
If you have any queries please email

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Your Norfolk Extra August 2014

Norfolk Council News Feed - Thu, 08/28/2014 - 13:02
 August 2014 

Welcome to 'Your Norfolk Extra', Norfolk County Council's monthly e-newsletter.

It's time to celebrate those people who work selflessly for communities all over Norfolk. The EDP has launched its search for the 2014 'Stars of Norfolk' in association with all of the county's local authorities. Categories include Carer of the Year, Young Person of the Year, Fire Service Person of the Year, Community Group of the Year and Unsung Hero of the year. Closing date is Monday 13 October with a glittering ceremony on 20 November at Norwich Castle. Find out more on the EDP website

Norfolk Prepared Week

Norfolk Prepared Week 2014 kicks off at the Forum in Norwich on 20 September 10am to 4pm with events, demonstrations and activities. See us there to pick up tips on fire safety, first aid, flood protection and more. Read more »

Free activities for adults

Fun and Fit is a programme of free, 10-week courses that are aimed at complete beginners. Feel healthier, more confident, and meet like-minded people! Courses start 6 October, so visit the website to see what's available in your area!

Ebooks and eaudio

Find out all you need to know about downloading ebooks and eaudio from Norfolk County Council libraries. Click here for lots of useful information.

Big Switch and Save

Norfolk councils have set up the Big Switch and Save scheme to help you to save money on your energy bills. Register for free by 13 October with no obligation and we’ll find you a great deal.

Norfolk Trails photo competition

We’re looking for your favourite snaps of the discoveries made when out exploring the Norfolk Trails. You can submit up to five entries each until 30 September. For more details on how to enter and terms and conditions click here.

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Event Reminder - Angles Way 25th Anniversary - 6th September

Norfolk Council News Feed - Thu, 08/28/2014 - 10:50
  Invitation to the 25th Anniversary of the Angles Way - 6th September

To celebrate the 25th anniversary since the opening of the Angles Way by John MacGregor the then MP for South Norfolk, the Ramblers Association in conjunction with Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils are holding an event to which you are invited as a Friend of the Angles Way.

There will be speeches followed by a 6 mile Ramblers led walk along the Angles Way from Redgrave and Lopham Fen to Fair Green, Diss, stopping for a picnic lunch at Wortham Ling (please bring your own picnic).

Anyone who would prefer a shorter walk may join for part of the distance - the minibus can be arranged with prior notice to pick up at any point where the route meets a road. This can be arranged by contacting Helen Timson on 01362 869403 or by e-mail.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Event Details:

Date: Saturday, 6th September

Time: 11am


Redgrave and Lopham Fen, Low Common Road, South Lopham, Diss, IP22 2HX

Get directions here.

Parking: Will be clearly marked on the day. A collection of £1 per car is requested for donation to Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Dress code: casual

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Improving Times - 27 August 2014

Norfolk Council News Feed - Wed, 08/27/2014 - 15:58
Children's Services staff newsletter                                 27 August 2014 Developing our department 

Key priority for Children’s Services is to develop a new Leaving Care Service for those preparing to leave our care and those who have left it.
This new service will:

  • Improve outcomes of young people who are leaving our care
  • Improve our performance, in particular the quality and rate of completion of our Pathway Plans
  • Ensure we meet our statutory responsibilities

 A project team has come together, with Andrew Haley as the sponsor and Ali MacPhail as the business lead. The design of the new service will be co-produced with young people and practitioners including colleagues from our partner organisations. We are using the model that’s helped us to develop our involvement strategy as part of this project. The design will align with the overall re-design of Children’s Services – we are just moving a little quicker in this area. During August we have been reviewing how the current Leaving Care function operates, visiting other authorities to understand how they manage Leaving Care and defining our requirements for the new Leaving Care Service.
This will then inform the design work in September, focussing on developing a set of design principles and developing a set of different delivery options so we can select a preferred option. 

GCSE results – stable in a turbulent year

Thousands of teenagers across the county collected their GCSE results last Thursday, with more than half of Norfolk’s schools reporting a boost in performance. Provisional results suggest that 54% of Norfolk’s students achieved the gold standard of five A* to C grades, including English and maths this year – the same figure as in 2013. Norwich’s schools, overall, have shown the biggest improvement, with the district seeing a 4.3 percentage point boost in the proportion of children achieving the gold standard – up from 46.2% to 50.5%. The results come amid a national picture of significant turbulence in testing, with changes to the exam system impacting on results, particularly in English. 
Nationally, the proportion of A* to C grades in English has dropped by 1.9 percentage points. 

Important - HCPC registration renewal for social workers

From 1st September to 30th November 2014 all social workers will be required to renew their HCPC registration. A letter will be sent to your home address providing instructions for renewal. So If you have moved house in the last 2 years, please make sure that HCPC has your current home address.
Renewal is a fairly straightforward process involving a 'professional self-declaration' that you are meeting the standards and payment of the £160 registration fee (this can be paid in full or by direct debit of 4 installments over 2 years).
Renew your registration at the earliest possible opportunity, don't put it off as lapsing from the register could be very costly to both you and the department.
If you don't renew before 30th November, you will be removed from the register and will not be able to practice as a social worker until you are back on it. Your pay could be affected and, if you are off the register for more than one month, there is an additional re-admission fee of £280.

CPD audit

In addition to registration renewal, 2.5% of social workers will have their continuing professional development (CPD) audited. If you are one of the individuals randomly selected for audit your will receive a second letter from HCPC and will have until 30th November to submit your CPD portfolio. For further information about the CPD standards and the audit process go to:
There is also a good webinar produced by the HCPC about this (you only need to watch the first 35 mins): click here to watch the video.
If you are selected for audit, please contact for support and guidance.

Championing school attendance - a duty for us all

We’ve all got a role to play in promoting good education for all and part of this is children’s regular school attendance.
It is really clear, and there is good evidence to show, that poor school attendance impacts on children's achievement educationally, their skills and their social and emotional development.
Areas of high deprivation are characterised by an ever decreasing circle of poor school attendance, low skills, unemployment, poverty and poor health. Breaking this circle starts with keeping children in school.
Parents have a duty in law under the Education Act  to make sure their children go to school, and where they fail in this duty we have the statutory power to enforce this via legal proceedings.
But sadly where one part of the department is busy enforcing this key issue, other parts are involved in undermining their efforts including in the last four months

  • A Children's Services practitioner who lobbied a GP saying, in their professional opinion, that two siblings were medically unfit to attend school on mental health grounds. In this case, neither parent had attended meetings offered by the school regarding the children's attendance. This meant the case was withdrawn after it reached court,  at great expense.
  • A Children's Services practitioner submitted a report to court,  used by the defence,  stating that due to difficult family circumstances, the parents had done all they could to ensure the children's attendance. This without any consultation with our own attendance service. Once more, the case had to be withdrawn once it had reached the court.

Such practice simply must cease immediately. It not only undermines our integrity but, most importantly, is against the best interests of children and young people. Around 90% of supportive interventions we make with families to get children into school work, so the decision to prosecute parents is never taken lightly and is used only as a last resort where all other forms of support haven’t worked. Where Children's Services staff are approached by parents to support them against such a prosecution they must bring this to the attention of their line manager who should refer matters to the relevant Attendance Improvement Officer in the CiN teams.

Children's Services in the news

Senior leadership team out and about

Sheila is meeting with the DfE in London, talks to the Director of national charity Barnado’s and to the EDP education correspondent Martin George about her first year in Norfolk.
Helen is attending the DfE London meeting and will also be considering a supervision audit in Breckland.
Gordon is meeting the DfE's Regional Scools Commissioner (Tim Coulson) and also meeting with various Headteachers to discuss their school's exam performance.
Michael attends the Looked After Children panel meeting, and joins Sheila in the meeting with the Director of Barnado’s.
Andrew meets with the Benjamin Foundation and the In Care Council.
James attends a training course on raising aspiration in primary schools.  

You will have all seen media coverage of the report into sexual exploitation of children in Rotherham, and if you want to read the full independent report you can see it here.

Ofsted framework update

The new Ofsted inspection framework for services for children in need of help and protection, children looked after and care leavers was updated in June 2014 and all staff need to be aware of this version. A copy can be found on the QA website.

Museums for the Under 5s 

The Norwich Castle Museum Snapdragons sessions for
2-4 year olds finished their successful second year with a programme that continues to engage the children with a range of themes and museum collections.
‘Snap meets the Romans’ and ‘Take Flight with Snap’ allowed the group to handle objects and take part in activities that explored two major temporary exhibitions at the Castle this year. Evaluation has been universally good:

  • “It’s the only under 5s session I’ve been to with a learning element”
  • "Completely different, unique idea”
  • “Like the fact the children explore galleries and objects”
  • “Amazing access to real historical artefacts. Great facility and super staff”

Another outcome of the development of these sessions at Norwich Castle has been broadening the approach to Early Years developments at other Norfolk Museum sites with ‘Little Kippers’ at Time and Tide and ‘Little Nippers’ at Cromer.

Insight into nurturing

The success of ‘Fostering Attachment’  - a course run two years ago - has led to the development of Nurturing Attachments, a new, free course for social workers starting in September and running for 18 weeks. Developed by Kim Golding, Nurturing Attachments is a programme that runs for 3 hours a week that takes social workers through the understanding of attachment theory, child development and the impact of trauma, using the House Model of Parenting. It will be run by members of Learning and Development and the LAAC CAMHS team. Comments on the earlier course by fostering social workers

  • “The course has been intense but incredibly valuable"
  • "The House Model is a good basis for building basics to enable the child to have the 'foundation' first”
  • “My supervision with carers has been enriched and I feel this course should be available to all in family placements. It can only be of huge benefit to looked after children”

You can book on to the course via the Learning Hub.

Your feedback

Do you have a good idea for the next Improving Times? Send it to and see our back copies here.

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Norfolk County Council - Norfolk Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Norfolk Council News Feed - Wed, 08/27/2014 - 10:00

You are subscribed to receive this alert and notification regarding the publication of Norfolk County Council Committee Papers relating to Norfolk Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee. The Agenda for the meeting due to be held on 4 September 2014 is now available.
Please note that Norfolk County Council is moving towards more paperless working and printed meeting papers are not generally available at our public meetings. Please click on the highlighted link above and then, within the site that opens, click the relevant date under the “Scheduled Meeting Date” column to see these papers.
If you have any queries please email

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September Newsletter

Norfolk Council News Feed - Wed, 08/27/2014 - 09:52
September 2014Events for Adults - Norwich

Know Your Norfolk  - Lowestoft Porcelain
Norwich Castle Study Centre, Shirehall
Mon 1 September, 10am to 1pm
Get up close to wonderful examples of Lowestoft Porcelain with Dr Francesca Vanke as she explores the history of this exquisite style and its influence on the region.
Tickets £15, Conc £13, Museums Pass £10 including refreshments.  Booking essential 01603 495897/493625.

Norwich Castle
Golden Gobblers: The Turkey in Art and Life
Art Fund Lecture, Weds 3 Sept, 5.45 to 8pm
Spend an evening with Dr Tom Duncan, a leading speaker on the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies circuit.  £12, includes entry to the exhibition and a glass of wine.  Booking essential, tel. 01603 495897.

Study Day – Why are Birds Wonderful?
Sat 6 Sept, 10am to 4.30pm
Join Mark Cocker, author of the widely acclaimed Birds and People, and a flock of expert speakers.
£30, Museums Pass £27, includes refreshments, lunch and entry to the exhibition.  Booking essential, tel. 01603 495897. 
Image: Melchior de Hondecoeter, Fowl, 1668-70, © Nottingham City Museums and Galleries.

A Natural and Unnatural History of Norfolk’s Birds
Tues 9 Sept, 12.30pm
A lunchtime talk with David North, Head of People and Wildlife, Norfolk Wildlife Trust. Free with museum admission.

Art Workshop
Weds 17 Sept, 11am to 12.30pm
Explore drawing and painting techniques with artist and tutor, Graham Rider.  This monthly art class is suitable for beginner and improving artists.
Tickets £6, Conc £5.50, Museums Pass £5.  Booking essential 01603 495897/493625.

Events for Adults - Thetford

Talk – Thetford in WWI
Ancient House, Tues 16 Sept, 2.30 to 3.30pm
£5.  Free for Friends of AH and Museums Pass.
Advance booking essential, tel. 01842 752599.

Events for Adults - Cromer

A Beginners Guide to Fossils
Friday 19 September, 10am to 3pm
Romp through a variety of fossils from Norfolk and beyond, from microscopic pollen to elephants.  Find and identify real fossils from the Cromer Forest Bed. £18, Museums Pass £15.  Advance booking essential, tel. 01263 513543.

Heritage Open Days

Join us for this national celebration and enjoy free admission,  special tours and events between Thurs 11, Fri 12, Sat 13 & Sun 14 September.

Shirehall Courtroom –  free tours 
12 Sept, 11am, 12, 1 & 2pm
Be one of the first to see our refurbished courtroom.  Tours follow the original long walk and spiral staircase taken by prisoners from the Castle.  Tour lasts 45 minutes.  
Suitable for ages 10+. Meet at Rotunda desk, Norwich Castle.  Booking advisable, tel. 01603 495897.

Norwich Castle – 13 Sept, free admission.
Museum of Norwich –  11 to 13 Sept and a chance to tour the undercroft.  Tours at 11am, 1 & 3pm.  Booking essential for tours, tel. 01603 629127.
Strangers’ Hall –  11 to 13 Sept, free admission.
Ancient House – 13 Sept, free admission
Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse – 14 Sept  plus behind the scenes access to the Historic Environment Service. Free admission.
Lynn Museum – 14 Sept, free admission.
Tolhouse Gaol – free admission 11 to 14 Sept plus Not all Witches were Women! (Sun 14). Meet the Witchfinder General and Marcus Prynne – a gardener accused of witchcraft in 1645.
Elizabethan House – free admission 11 to 14 Sept.

Save a Fortune

with a Norfolk Museums Pass.  Find out how

More information about events and opening times

Last chance to see

The Wonder of Birds at Norwich Castle
This stunning exhibition has attracted national attention.  Catch it before it closes on 14 September – or if you’ve already seen it, have another gander!

Say goodbye to summer...

Make the most of the last few days of the school holidays at these lovely family activities.

Bird Brain - Norwich Castle
Take your peck of hands on activities and feathery fun.  Until 3 Sept.

Go Go Gressenhall
Find new ways to travel around Gressenhall.  Leap over to Art Attack! and make streamers,   play games, win races and have fun in the adventure playground.  Until 3 Sept.

Make do and Mend - Museum of Norwich
Mon 1, Tues 2 & Weds 3 Sept
It’s back to the Blitz as Norwich faces its fiercest foe.  Family crafts every day and costumed characters on Tuesday.  Peek into the wonderful wartime house and have a go at our summer scrapbook challenge.

Foolhardy Circus Time Fish Quest – a nautical trail at Time and Tide 
Mon 1, Tues 2 & Weds 3 Sept

Action Models – Plasticine and animation workshop
Mon 1 Sept, 11am to 4pm

Brilliant Bronze Age and Super Seahenge – Family Event Day at Lynn Museum
Tues 2 Sept, 11am to 2pm.
£2, Museum Pass/Friends of Lynn Museum £1.50.

All the Fun of the Fete, 1914 - Ancient House 
Sat 6 Sept, free – part of Thetford Festival.

More family activities

Guided Walk - Lost Hotels of Cromer
Sun 14 Sept, 1.30 to 3.30pm
£4, Museums Pass £3. Advance booking essential, tel. 01263 513543.

Anglo-Sikh Heritage Day Ancient House
Sat 27 Sept, free.

Horse Power! - Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse
Sun 28 Sept
Meet experts and see heavy horses working on the farm.

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Norfolk County Council News Update

Norfolk Council News Feed - Tue, 08/26/2014 - 17:52

You are subscribed to News releases for Norfolk County Council.

The following news has recently been added to our website:

Norfolk County Council’s Trading Standards warn of potential DIY dangers

View details on our news page.

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Social work management ad

Norfolk Council News Feed - Tue, 08/26/2014 - 17:28

As part of our Improvement journey we are increasing our Social Worker establishment; one of the ways we are doing this is by recruiting Newly Qualified Social Workers and co-ordinating their ASYE through the Norfolk Institute of Practice Excellence (N.I.P.E.).

We are increasing the size of the two N.I.P.E. teams in September and in order to provide the quality of development and supervision needed we are recruiting two Assistant Team Managers to support the Team Managers. The teams are based in Norwich and Gt Yarmouth.

You must be a qualified Social Worker and it would be desirable if you had experience of developing staff through effective reflective supervision.  You will also need to be able to manage performance,  assess progress and keep staff motivated.

These roles report into the N.I.P.E. Team Managers and the Duty Team Managers and will also have daily interactions with other team managers.

If you are on the Future Managers Programme or starting to look for an opportunity to move into management and leadership then this could be the role for you! Please ring Vilma Stevenson on 01603 223871 or Shannon Lansdown on 01493 448273 for an informal chat about N.I.P.E, or Candida Meaney on 222486 or Jeannette Wade on 01493 448 460 and after that if you are sure it's for you then you can apply  

We also have two great opportunities within the Norwich and Gt Yarmouth Duty teams as we have an Assistant Team Manager vacancy in each. These roles will play a significant part in continuing and sustaining our Improvement.

To apply for the NIPE Assistant Team Manager vacancy please click here

To apply for the Duty Team Assistant Team Manager vacancy please click here

Closing date for applications is Monday 8th September.

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Norfolk County Council News Update

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 08/22/2014 - 17:00

You are subscribed to News releases for Norfolk County Council.

The following news has recently been added to our website:

More than half of Norfolk’s schools see improvement amid turbulence in GCSE results

View details on our news page.

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