Norfolk County Council - Personnel Committee

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Please note that Norfolk County Council is moving towards more paperless working and printed meeting papers are not generally available at our public meetings. Please click on the highlighted link above and then, within the site that opens, click the relevant date under the “Scheduled Meeting Date” column to see these papers.
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Wedding Survey

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Good Morning


Congratulations on your recent and upcoming nuptials.

At Norfolk Registration Service we are always striving to improve what we do and we would appreciate it if you could complete a short survey that will help us to develop a better wedding service to couples in the future.

Please follow the link below, complete the survey, and you could be in with a chance to win £50 of Marks & Spencer vouchers.


Many Thanks


Norfolk Registration Service

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Signs of Safety Newsletter #2

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Signs of Safety Special Edition Newsletter #2 - November 2015 Is it Signs of Safety or Signs of Something Else?

Although this approach has primarily been targeted at child protection, did you know it can be easily adapted to many different issues and goals, applying the same ethos and disciplines – building respectful relationships, being open and transparent and using plain, simple language. 

The name itself can be adapted to fit whatever outcome you're looking for, such as Signs of Wellbeing, Stability or Success. The four core questions on the assessment / mapping tool, ‘What are we worried about?’, ‘What’s working well?’, ‘What needs to happen?’, along with the scaling question, can be applied to think or map through any issue. The ‘Words and Pictures’ tools can be used in all our work with children and families. Signs of Safety gives us a flexible framework, not just for child protection.

If you thought it didn’t apply to your service, it may be time to think again.

YOT’s views on using SofS

"Practitioners in the Youth Offending Team use the Signs of Safety tools in everyday work with young people and they appear to be responding well.  They’re introduced to SofS and contribute well when the mapping tool is used to review progress or amend plans. Many are now familiar with the three houses and for SAB work (sexually appropriate behaviour), we also use the safety house tool. 

We’ve found the mapping tool is excellent for assisting with planning and in group supervision, especially looking at complex cases. The scaling question works well when involving the whole family in assessing risk or reduced risk.

The visual aspect of these approaches is what most young people, their parents/carers and practitioners like. It has encouraged more practitioners to use visual techniques such as using crayons and paper to complete the three houses, or completing a colourful safety plan with younger clients.

The SofS Practice Leads meet regularly to review progress and ensure we’re working consistently across the county. We’re able to share pieces of work that practitioners are proud of and look at new ways of adapting our practice using SofS."

      Let’s get together

The Social Work Teams in the East are offering lunchtime workshops in Great Yarmouth, open to both staff and partners, with a different theme at each session: 

Mon 14 Dec 2015: Danger Statements

Tues 12 Jan 2016: Safety Circles

Weds 10 Feb 2016: Safety Plans

Tues 15 Mar 2016: Sharing good practice and ideas

To book a place, email

The Norwich Early Help Team are offering a Briefing for Partners on Tues 1 Dec 2015 at the King’s Centre from 3-5.30pm. Also on offer in each locality are Staff Development Sessions for groups and Drop-in Sessions for more one-to-one support. To find out more, please contact

If you are offering any similar learning opportunities or if you need help/advice in developing a session, please email us.

Norfolk Celebration of Good Practice - 27 January 2016

Have you recently done some work with families using the SofS approach which resulted in a great outcome or learning opportunity? If so, we’d love to hear from you, please contact us to discuss it further.

Don’t forget, you can book your place now via the Learning Hub.

Beyond the front door

Both the NSCB1 Referral Form and the Threshold Guide have now been revised to integrate the SofS approach throughout and these are available to view here.

In true SofS style, all agencies working with children are being asked for their opinion and all will be considered in creating the final version due to be published in April 2016.

This is an amazing step forward in our commitment to a system wide approach and further strengthens our partnership working.

If you want to make sure your voice is heard, please forward your comments to the NSCB or your Local Safeguarding Group.

The wider SofS community

If you’d like to know how SofS is being implemented and received in other countries around the world, click here to view some of the presentations made at the 9th Signs of Safety International Gathering held in Minnesota last month. It’s also just been announced that the 10th International Gathering will be held here in Norfolk in July 2016.

You may be aware that Norfolk is part of the England Innovations Project (EIP), along with nine other local authorities, all at various stages of implementing Signs of Safety. If you’d like to know more about the project, EIP newsletters can be viewed here.

On a scale of 0 to 10...

...where 10 is you’ve fully adopted the SofS approach, live and breathe it and could even write a book on it, and 0 is you’ve vaguely heard something about it ....where are you? 

What’s worked best for you in trying to learn about SofS? What didn’t work well? Assuming you didn’t place yourself at 10 and focusing on what worked best, what next step or action could you take to move yourself up the scale?

Research and Evaluation

We have now received Eileen Munro’s Overview Report of the Parents' Surveys. Due to a low response rate from families involved with the Early Help and CWD teams, the report findings are based only on responses from parents involved with Child Protection services. Click here to view the full report.

Further information on Signs of Safety can be found on NCC intranet pages and the NSCB’s website, including practice tools, case examples and a list of our Practice Leads who are available to discuss any query.

Your feedbackDo you have a good idea for the next Improving Times? Send it to and see our back copies here.
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Norfolk County Council - Norfolk Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee

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You are subscribed to receive this alert and notification regarding the publication of Norfolk County Council Committee Papers relating to Norfolk Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee. The Agenda for the meeting due to be held on  3 December 2015                                       is now available.
Please note that Norfolk County Council is moving towards more paperless working and printed meeting papers are not generally available at our public meetings. Please click on the highlighted link above and then, within the site that opens, click the relevant date under the “Scheduled Meeting Date” column to see these papers.
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Norfolk County Council News Update

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The following news has recently been added to our website:

Free HIV home testing kits available in Norfolk during National HIV Testing Week

View details on our news page.

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Safeguarding Norfolk's great outdoors - November 2015

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ISSUE November 2015Environment Team News

We think that safeguarding the environment is a top priority for Norfolk's people and our economy.  In this issue we showcase how Environment Team has been working with schools to give the next generation the skills to take an active role in caring for our wildlife, landscapes and history. Plus we also bring you news from our Sefins project which shows that the biodiversity of Norfolk's estuaries is at risk.  

Read on for more on all our stories. 

Can you help? We'd love to hear your views on this newsletter: what you like, what you'd love us to include, plus any other comments that will help us develop our content.  Please drop us an email to let us know!  Also, add your voice to the NCC consultation on the future of our services - follow this link

Environment Team, Norfolk County Council

Enthusing the next generationHeritage Rangers in action

A project developed by Norfolk Trails at Environment Team and Norfolk County Council's Children’s Services department has encouraged local school children to explore the environmental benefits of their local walking trail.

The "Norfolk Trails Heritage Rangers" project involved secondary school students from Framingham Earl and Cromer Academy and was funded by a £16,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The students received mentoring to give them the skills to design activities that would appeal to younger (primary school aged) children, to help them learn about the natural and cultural heritage of their local trail. The students then tried out the activities that they developed on groups of primary school students with great success. 

The two schools took different approaches to the project. Framingham Earl High School students developed a circular walk and activity booklet of things to do using part of the Boudicca Way at Shotesham.  Cromer Academy students developed geocaching and other activities to deliver aspects of the key stage 2 science curriculum for an area close to the Norfolk Coast Path in Cromer. 

Kirsty Webber-Walton, Trails Officer (Development) with Norfolk Trails at Environment Team who assisted in delivery of the project said: “The young people involved were really great and developed a fantastic set of resources which can be adapted for use by other schools across the county." 

Norfolk Trails team worked with Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Norfolk Museums' Service and NCC's Outdoor Learning Team to deliver the project. The project was managed by David Yates, Senior Officer at Norfolk Trails, assisted by Kirsty Webber-Walton. Read more here

School garden inspiresGarden at the Belfry school (c) Caroline Dickens

With the assistance of a £3,740 grant from the Norfolk Coast Partnership's Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) a local school developed their grounds to allow children to learn about nature conservation and sustainable development. The Friends of the Belfry School, Overstrand, developed a long-term vision for part of their school grounds known as 'Calm Woods'.  The area includes an inspiring wildlife and vegetable garden which links habitats found in neighbouring gardens and the nearby Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and provides a refuge for local wildlife (e.g. blue tit, robin, hedgehog, frogs and newts). 

The group was able to identify clear aims to inspire their schoolchildren while demonstrating long term sustainable benefits for biodiversity and the community. 

In just four months Calm Woods has become a well-functioning, educational and fun space used daily by pupils and staff.  In addition to the grant, an equivalent of nearly £4,000 of volunteer time and in-kind contributions has produced a willow fence and archway entrance, a natural tee pee – the perfect place for imaginative play - and a sturdy bird hide next to the pond - for quiet observation of wildlife.

The group were Highly Commended in the Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership's "Community Biodiversity Awards" this year - find out more from our 'scrapbook' here.

The Sustainable Development Fund provides one-off payments to initiate suitable projects that bring sustainable, environmental, social and economic prosperity to the Norfolk Coast AONB.  

Hands on archaeology for schoolsArchaeology workshop (c) Claire Bradshaw, Norfolk HES

As part of the Historic Environment Service’s programme of community engagement we visit primary schools to deliver archaeology workshops. Since prehistory was added to the National Curriculum in 2012 teachers have been very keen to find out about Norfolk’s distant past. Our sessions have focussed on local heritage and the methods archaeologists use to find new information; through working with artefacts; analysing aerial photographs; experimental archaeology and comparing different time periods.

All of our workshops start off with an archaeological finds session. Pupils learn about chronology by handling and sorting a mixture of real and replica objects from sites across the county. In our last session, Robin class at Yaxham Primary School learnt about the Romans by examining a “Roman grave”. Assisted by our friendly skeleton, the children used archaeological clues to work out that the grave belonged to a young adult male, who was very wealthy and looked after his appearance. They also thought about what future archaeologists would find if they discovered us in 2000 years. 

Our sessions are tailored to work with individual school projects, and can be adapted for almost any archaeological period, making use of local evidence from the Historic Environment Record. If you know a school who would be interested contact us at

Norfolk estuaries at riskSunset at la Canche estuary in France, a Sefins study area (c) Ed Stocker

A European project led by Environment Team has shown that the estuaries and coastlines of Norfolk are vulnerable to Invasive Non-native Species (INS).

Phase 2 of SEFINS  (Safeguarding the Environment From Invasive Non-native Species) which has just come to a close after 9 months of successful international collaboration, was a cross-border project bringing together experts in INS from across France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.  INS are species which have moved outside of their natural range (usually with human help) and are causing environmental and economic damage, and costing approximately €12 billion euros to control each year. INS which threaten Norfolk coasts and estuaries include Mnemiopsis leidyi, a comb jelly which damages fish stocks, and quagga mussels, which block water pipes and smother commercial aquaculture sites. 

Despite the problems caused by INS, there is currently little coordinated effort to reduce their impact and spread across Europe. A new EU Regulation on INS introduced this year underlined the need for international cooperation and joint working to tackle these species as effectively as possible. 

SEFINS identified the estuaries and coastlines of Norfolk as being particularly vulnerable to INS, and focused efforts of improving detection techniques and monitoring methods. Cutting-edge eDNA methods were used to detect a new invasive species for the first time ever in the UK. The project also continued to develop and promote an advanced smartphone App, adding new estuarine species and increasing availability across Europe. 

Sefins brought €170,000 funding to Norfolk. 

For more information, check out this special focus publication on Sefins and visit the website which includes details about the App.  

Our service areas:  


Historic Environment Record

Identification & Recording

Norfolk Trails

Planning Advice

Projects (grants)

Trees and Woodlands

Norfolk Coast Partnership

Meet the team 

In this issue we introduce Anne Crotty, Senior Arboricultural & Woodland Officer with Environment Team. 

My team keeps the County’s trees safe and ensures the Council meets its legal obligations. We promote the value of trees and ensure that Norfolk has a healthy and resilient tree population. As part of the wider landscape, trees enhance the character and beauty of Norfolk, provide residents with a good place to live and work and tourists with a landscape that is attractive and rich in wildlife. Trees not only make us feel happy, but provide vital environmental services such as pollution absorption, release of oxygen, carbon storage, plus they can help to reduce flooding and energy costs. 

The Council’s Tree Safety Management Policy was adopted in 2009 and is regularly reviewed. We are just about to publish Version 3 of the policy which will be openly available. The policy defines a defendable system for tree inspections to ensure the Council meets its duty of care in line with national guidance. On the basis of the policy we carry out professional tree inspections and give advice on trees on all council land – highways, schools, county farms, corporate properties, adult and children’s services properties, libraries, fire stations and Norfolk trails. 

We work very closely as consultees for our colleagues in planning and highways to ensure that trees are considered when new developments and highway schemes are carried out – we advise on tree retention, protection, management and planting. 

We work closely with the District Councils who mainly deal with trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders and trees in Conservation Areas. We have a list of tree surgeons, administered and hosted by us, but adopted by the District Councils. This is a list of local companies who have the correct certificates and insurance and are competent to carry out tree work to a high standard. We promote best practice and support these local businesses by ensuring that all departments use companies on this list. We send the list on request to members of the public, Parish Councils, community groups and local businesses.

In my spare time I enjoy walking my two lively collie dogs and I love bird and wildlife watching. I sit on the council of the Norfolk & Norwich Naturalists Society and I’m a member of the Norfolk Fungus Study Group. I enjoy photographing and identifying fungi, plants, hoverflies, butterflies and bees (and sometimes trees!). And I love to travel when I get the chance.

Anne Crotty

Things to do

1.  Enjoy a short and hilly circular walk through Warren Woods and Happy Valley, Cromer

More details here

For all the latest news from Norfolk Trails, check out Twitter 

2. Check out Historic Environment Service's Find of the month - an anvil from the Bronze Age (c. 1200 - 700 BC) found in Breckland this summer. The anvil was used to make a variety of personal ornaments. 

Goldcrest by Nick Ford CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0

3. Sign up for a free Birds of the Brecks recording workshop on December 5th from 10am to 4pm at the British Trust for Ornithology offices at Thetford. Packed with advice on how to record winter birds, including identification and the use of BirdTrack, the event will also include taster sessions on recording dragonflies and small mammals.  More information from NBIS.  Book online here.

This is a Wildlife Recorders of Tomorrow event, part of the Breaking New Ground Landscape Partnership Scheme supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  Read more here.

The project is developing a programme of activities with schools in the Brecks area and is hoping to recruit youngsters to help with wildlife recording.  Check out this recent article in "Fun Outside" (pages 13 and 14). 

Environment TeamWorking with you to safeguard Norfolk's great outdoors.

Environment Team -
Biodiversity | Historic Environment RecordIdentification and Recording | Norfolk Trails |

 Planning Advice |Projects (grants) | Trees and Woodlands
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Norfolk County Council - Policy and Resources Committee

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You are subscribed to receive this alert and notification regarding the publication of Norfolk County Council Committee Papers relating to Policy and Resources Committee. A supplementary agenda for the meeting due to be held on 30 November 2015  is now available.
Please note that Norfolk County Council is moving towards more paperless working and printed meeting papers are not generally available at our public meetings. Please click on the highlighted link above and then, within the site that opens, click the relevant date under the “Scheduled Meeting Date” column to see these papers.
If you have any queries please email

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Norfolk County Council News Update

Norfolk Council News Feed - Mon, 11/23/2015 - 16:49

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The following news has recently been added to our website:

Norfolk County Council says no to domestic violence as county-wide campaign gets underway

Local diversions during Postwick bridge closures

View details on our news page.

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Adult Social Services Newsletter Issue 8

Norfolk Council News Feed - Mon, 11/23/2015 - 12:35
Free flu vaccination for front-line staff

Flu vaccinations are recommended annually for front-line health and social care workers. These employees are at risk of carrying the virus to, and thereby infecting, vulnerable groups. We have a duty of care to keep our clients safe, which includes protecting them from infectious diseases, where it is within our power to do so.

It is not compulsory but it is recommended. Although it is primarily to protect clients it will also protect you from flu which in turn prevents you from passing it to your family and friends. If you are eligible for the vaccination through the NHS, because you fall within the vulnerable groups, you should have it through your GP.

There are no risks from receiving the vaccination, but there are a number of myths regarding flu that prevent people having the vaccinations. Click here to read more about common myths.

Managers known to have front-line staff have been contacted by email and asked to identify who is eligible and who wants the vaccination. Business support staff will order and then distribute the vouchers once the requests have been received.

Once managers have advised who wants the vaccinations, departmental administration teams will order vouchers and send them to the managers for distribution. The voucher can be used at a wide range of places throughout Norfolk including Tesco pharmacies, Superdrug, and Lloyds pharmacies. There is a cost to NCC for the vouchers whether they are used or not – so if you get one, use it!

If you have any queries regarding the process for Adult Social Services staff please contact: Alastair Corrigan – 01603 223098,

The Norfolk Older People's Strategic Partnership Board

The Norfolk Older People's Strategic Partnership Board (NOPSPB) has published their fourth prevention strategy: “Living Longer, Living Well Promoting Independence and Wellbeing 2016 – 2018”. The strategy is a working document and Norfolk County Council and other organisations have been involved in discussions with NOPSPB in its implementation. The strategy gathers together the issues of key importance for older people as decided by older people and by representatives of the NHS; Adult Social Services; housing; the voluntary sector; the private sector, and with some political representation.

In the introduction NOPSPB recognises that we are entering uncharted territory in the provision of health and social care. Budget cuts, an ageing population, and unprecedented demand for services means that individuals and organisations need to find new and better ways to work together. NOPSPB feels it is being realistic whilst advocating the rights and needs of older people as clearly as possible.

The aim of the strategy is to help commissioners and/or providers of services to focus on what older people have said they want and need, and what can be realistically delivered.

For further information on the Norfolk Older People's Strategic Partnership Board click here.

Issue 8Date November 2015In This IssueAdult Social Services In The NewsPrevious Issues

Click here to view past editions of the newsletter.

Re-imagining Norfolk

Re-imagining Norfolk is changing the way we do things and the way that people interact with us.

It’s something we all need to know about and that we can all contribute to.

Make sure you’re in the know.

Start by reading the 'bubble diagram' which summarises the key elements of Re-imagining Norfolk. Click here for more information.

Other Websites

Promoting Independence – the Shropshire visit

On 7 October Lorna Bright (Assistant Director – Social Work), Councillor Sue Whitaker (Chair of the Adult Social Care Committee) and Janice Dane (Assistant Director Early Help & Prevention) went to a half day conference in Shropshire to hear about their approach to managing demand in Adult Social Services. This is a theme common to all councils, especially at the moment.

Like Norfolk, Shropshire has increasing demand, an ageing population and the need to make significant savings. Shropshire has created a model that:

  • Focuses on prevention
  • Promotes aspiration
  • Creates and maintains independence
  • Builds on capacity.

By doing this, Shropshire has shifted some of its resources from providing funding for care and support, i.e. packages of care, to early intervention and prevention.

Shropshire has a conversation with a person that works on an asset-based or strengths approach. It focuses upon the individual’s personal resilience, what has worked well in the past and local community opportunities that will positively contribute to the overall outcomes required. Their approach is based upon building independence in a sustainable way and not building any unnecessary dependence. The approach also focuses wherever possible on self-management and responsibility.

Shropshire is clear that its approach is still developing and that they haven’t solved everything. They want to visit Norfolk to see what we are doing in some areas. 

Shropshire continually monitors its performance so they can be sure what they are doing is working. For example they have reduced their spend per head of over 65s by 32%, by meeting people's needs in other ways and reducing dependency on home care and paid support. 

All contacts go through the Shropshire County Council version of the Customer Service Centre/SCCE (Social Care Centre of Expertise) and where they can they deal with people's queries at the initial phone call. If they can’t deal with a person’s queries during the phone call or safely refer them to another organisation, Shropshire offers the person an appointment at one of their “Let's Talk Local” sessions. These are clinics led by the community and are held where and when people come together.

There are various key partners and organisations at the “Let's Talk Local” sessions to help people access: housing support; carers assessments; peer support sessions; occupational therapy advice; assistive technology demonstrations; Public Health advice and workshops, and financial advice for self-funders.

Shropshire is now also piloting drop in sessions at the “Let's Talk Local” clinics, where people don’t need to have an appointment. Of course there are some people who will need a home visit.

Shropshire County Council phones people back after two weeks and six weeks to check they are happy with the service received and that there are no new issues. Shropshire has reported that there are high levels of satisfaction.

Shropshire's overall approach is similar to our Promoting Independence Strategy diagram.

Our approach is to manage the demand for services better by ensuring that people remain independent from public services as long as possible and are provided with preventative, community alternatives to council social care where appropriate. This approach is consistent with the responsibilities relating to wellbeing and prevention in the Care Act.

When people do need formal services our approach will always be to maximise their independence as far as possible. 

Norfolk First Response

Norfolk First Response incorporates two highly successful services, Norfolk First Support (NFS) providing up to six weeks of reablement, and Norfolk Swift Response (NSR), aka Swifts/Night Owls, who meet urgent unplanned social care needs.

During 2014/15 NFS supported 4,570 people, 51% of these people regained their independence and required no ongoing home care services. Many of those people that did need home care, had smaller packages following reablement. 

Norfolk Swift Response provides support across the county and is available 24/7 365 days a year. The service received 14,275 referrals during 2014/15 preventing 6,385 emergency service calls and 2,719 hospital admissions.

Joint management and triage of unplanned needs and reablement allows for the most appropriate response to a person’s initial crisis, preventing admission to hospital or residential placement whenever possible and any worsening of their situation or condition.

A review of reablement is underway as part of the work on promoting independence and increasing early help and prevention.

The review is focusing on three key areas:

  • Investing in the reablement service to increase the number of people getting reablement
  • Establishing a new focus on reabling and enabling people with a learning disability and people with mental health issues
  • Reviewing the use of planning beds and residential placements ensuring independence is maximised and providing opportunities to move to more independent living where possible.

Additional staff are currently being recruited to increase the capacity of the service and additional training will be undertaken over the next few months.

Protection of Property (PoP)

The Protection of Property procedures are presently being updated in order to reduce practitioner time and one of the key changes is the introduction of a risk assessment component to categorise properties as either “higher” or “lower” risk.

The new procedures will provide greater clarity on when the duty should be triggered because there is wide variation in the number of PoPs between localities. Having made the decision to discharge the duty, the introduction of the risk assessment component will determine the reasonable steps to prevent loss or damage.

The risk assessment looks at the number of recent burglaries; the location and condition of the property; its security and the existence of insurance cover, and this allows for a more proportionate intervention. For example, if “lower” risk, there will be more generous timescales to complete the various PoP tasks (72 hours instead of 24), and the frequency for on-going checks to change from weekly to fortnightly.

The inventory is often time-consuming and it will no longer be required to write down a full list of all the various individual items. In future it is proposed to use a photographic inventory (we are presently exploring options for filing the images). There will also be greater clarity with regards to items that need to be removed for safekeeping, and when cash is found in the home it can be paid into a local bank (at least during normal hours and we are presently looking at arrangements for other times). 

It was recognised that the recording of PoP has been far from comprehensive and systems are now being set up within CareFirst.

We are looking at how best to recover the costs of the service and how to improve the payment system for boarding kennels/catteries.

At a future date we will introduce a charge for the service which should further encourage service users to make their own arrangements where they can and to only seek additional support from the department when necessary.  

Adult Social Services Transport

As part of the Adult Social Services Transformation Project to reduce the department’s transport costs it is really important to ensure Travel & Transport (T&T) is made aware as soon as possible of any potential changes to day services e.g. new centres opening, existing centres closing or changing location, opening days/times etc. This will enable proper discussion and forward planning to take place and for us to ensure that we are meeting people's needs in the most cost effective way locally wherever possible and thereby minimising the cost of any transport. If you are aware of any planned or potential changes to day services please let us know.

Please also contact us if you know anyone you think might benefit from ‘travel training’ to help them travel independently. We want to start a trial to see whether this will be appropriate to enable some people to become more independent. If you know or identify someone who might benefit from travel training then again please contact us so that we can begin the travel training trial.

Where someone requires transport to attend a day service please remember that they should only be offered transport to their nearest appropriate day service. If they choose to attend an alternative day service which means travelling further and costs more for transport then they will have to pay for the transport themselves.

All requests for transport must follow the correct process. Travel & Transport cannot set up or change transport requirements without CAS (Care Arranging Service) approval – this includes new requests for transport or any changes to existing transport arrangements. 

The transport zonal charge guide is now available on the intranet and can be found along with other useful information. This will give you an estimated cost for transport using NCC transport, however, you should contact T&T for a confirmed costing as the price will vary depending on the type of transport and the number of people accessing that transport each journey.

For further information please contact: Vanessa Dobson – 01603 224178, or Peter Cowap – 01603 495735, 

Contributions & Feedback

Do you have any comments or a good idea for the next issue of our Adult Social Services newsletter? Do you have something you want to share with your colleagues? Let us know by sending an email to:

Please note that articles should be brief and to the point, however, links to the intranet and internet can be included for further information. In addition, please feel free to submit any pictures which you feel would complement the article.

If you know of anyone who has not received this issue of the Adult Social Services newsletter but would like to in future, please send their name and email address to: 



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Norfolk County Council - Adult Social Care Committee

Norfolk Council News Feed - Mon, 11/23/2015 - 09:47

You are subscribed to receive this alert and notification regarding the publication of Norfolk County Council Committee Papers relating to Adult Social Care Committee. The draft minutes for the meeting held on 9 November 2015 are now available.

Please note that Norfolk County Council is moving towards more paperless working and printed meeting papers are not generally available at our public meetings. Please click on the highlighted link above and then, within the site that opens, click the relevant date under the “Scheduled Meeting Date” column to see these papers.
If you have any queries please email

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Norfolk County Council - Policy and Resources Committee

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 11/20/2015 - 17:29

You are subscribed to receive this alert and notification regarding the publication of Norfolk County Council Committee Papers relating to Policy and Resources Committee. The Agenda for the meeting due to be held on Monday, 30 November 2015 is now available.
Please note that Norfolk County Council is moving towards more paperless working and printed meeting papers are not generally available at our public meetings. Please click on the highlighted link above and then, within the site that opens, click the relevant date under the “Scheduled Meeting Date” column to see these papers.
If you have any queries please email

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Fashion and Passion - Underwear Unwrapped

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 11/20/2015 - 17:00
Fashion and Passion: Underwear Unwrapped

Norwich Castle is hosting the second Fashion and Passion day on Saturday 28 November and this year the Costume and Textile team will be unwrapping underwear! 


Join us for this unique opportunity to view the stunning collection of historical foundation garments and find out how these changed the shape of fashion.  


Come and join us at Norwich Castle from 10.00am to 4.00pm. All activities are free with museum admission and include:'Stitching School' for knitting, crocheting, embroidery, lacemaking and spinning Button brooch making, displays and exchangeCorset making demonstrationTalks and fashion showUniversal Petticoat ChallengeUnderwear display and handling garments
For information on all our events, click here>>
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Weekly Insight newsletter to Members 20 November 2015

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 11/20/2015 - 16:22
General informationWeek ending 20 November 2015County By-election results

The new member for South Smallburgh Division is

Allison Bradnock (Liberal Democrat) 
Three Hammer Cottage, Three Hammer Common 
Neatishead, Norwich NR12 8BP  Result of Poll

The new member for Watton Division is

Claire Bowes (Conservative)
Icknield Lodge, 10 Walnut Drive 
Hilborough, Norfolk IP26 5BG  Result of Poll

Staff car parking update 

Members of the Policy and Resources Committee agreed to set up a small working group to examine options for managing parking at County Hall - and that this group would report back to Policy and Resources Committee in November.

That group has been considering a range of measures and is recommending several changes to parking arrangements at County Hall, aimed at managing space and demand.  Currently, there are not enough spaces for all permit holders, a problem that will get worse as we further rationalise our premises and more staff move in to County Hall.  

The working group has come up with a package of measures which they feel is fair and proportionate and which would still raise some welcome revenue in what are very tough financial times. To read the main proposals in the report to Policy and Resources Committee on 30 November click here

Help keep Norfolk warm and well this winter

This winter, agencies across Norfolk – including Norfolk County Council Public Health – will once again be working to help vulnerable people through the Warm and Well campaign.

You can help raise awareness of Warm and Well by:

  • Completing our e-learning module which highlights the dangers of winter, ways to keep warm and services available
  • Promoting the Warm and Well Fund – offering ten community grants of up to £1,500 each for projects that help those facing very difficult challenges as the weather gets colder

Read the Members’ briefing sheet for more information by clicking here or visit

Norfolk Says No week
23-27 November

Every year the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Board runs a Norfolk Says No campaign, to coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. This year's campaign runs from 23-27 November.

Anyone can suffer from domestic abuse and/or sexual violence; age, gender, social status, race or religion are no barrier to domestic abuse and sexual violence

  • 1 in 4 women in the UK are victims of domestic abuse at some stage in their life
  • 1 in 6 men in the UK are victims of domestic abuse at some stage in their life
  • In Norfolk, domestic violence accounts for 25% of all crime

As part of Norfolk Says No week, Norfolk County Council Public Health is collecting items for The Haven Project. The Haven Project offers women and children the opportunity to enhance their quality of life by providing a safe, comfortable and supported environment. To help people who have to leave their home scared and frightened and not having time to collect any personal belongings, we are collecting:

  • Toiletries
  • Children’s books and toys (can be used but need to be in good condition)
  • Socks and tights

Please bring all donations to: Carol, Doherty, DAAT team, Floor 3, County Hall from 23-27 November 2015. Alternatively there is a collection box in the County Hall shop. 

For more information about Norfolk Says No visit

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Christmas 2015 Diary Dates 

Lunch in the County Hall Restaurant - Wednesday 16th December and Friday 18th December

Set price for two courses of £7.95 per person 
To include main meal & accompaniments plus dessert or £5.95 for main meal only. 
Tickets for these two days can be bought in advance for a deposit of £2 (non-refundable)  Purchase your tickets from the Restaurant Office now -Two time slots available 12-1pm or 1-2pm

Carols around the Christmas Tree - Tuesday15th December, 12.30 - 1pm in the marble map area 

Hosted by the Chairman : mulled wine, a soft drink alternative and a mince pie for a donation of £1 per person

Chief Officer's blog20 November 2015 – David Collinson, Assistant Director, Environment & Planning 

Like most of you, my family have been trying to get our heads around the recent terrible and sad events last week in Paris...


NCC internet

Norfolk Youth Parliament Member, Emily Fox, speaks at the House of Commons 
Steve Cunningham - People’s Choice Award winner 
Warm and Well’ campaign launches for 2015  
Help prevent the spread of Norovirus  
Gritters ready for winter 
Trails competition - Choose your favourite photo

What's new on the intranet

Norfolk in the News - a round up of key issues in the local media  
The Love Food Hate Waste Champions are ready to help you save  
Norfolk Says No week- 23-27 November  
The flag of East Anglia at County Hall

Feel the magic of our OSCAs night

Our 2015 staff OSCAs (Outstanding Contribution Awards) culminated on 12 November with a night to remember, when category winners from throughout the year gathered together with sponsors, executive directors and Members at Norwich Castle. Find out who won by watching our short film of the event and see a photo gallery from the event here.

iPad and IT support contact

Due to essential maintenance being carried out please be aware that access to some services may be intermittent tonight and tomorrow evening.
Services Affected: Connection via RSA/VPN (Junos Pulse) connections, Email (mail sent and received may be delayed) 

Services Not Affected: Telephony, Files and Folders stored locally on your PC, RSA/VPN (Anyconnect) service 

When: Friday, 20th November 2015 and Saturday 21st November 2015.
22:00 to 04:00 on both occasions

IT issues (iPad, pc, printer or network problems) -  01603 774797(Designated Members hotline).

Please do NOT upgrade your iPad to IOS 9.2 or any other version until ICT give the go ahead

Mobile phone issues - 01603 222387 or email:

The following meetings will be held during the months of November and December 2015. All meetings will be held at County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich unless otherwise stated:  

Future NCC public meetings

Economic Dev. Sub      26 Nov 10am 
Planning (Regulatory)    27 Nov 10am  
Policy and Resources   30 Nov 10am 
Norfolk Health O & S      3 Dec 10am  
Personnel Committee     3 Dec  2pm 
Pensions Committee      7 Dec 9.30am  
Police and Crime Panel  8 Dec 10am 
County Council             14 Dec 10am     

This week's press releases

Read more news from NCC

Member Development sessions, briefings and training 

Click here to book yourself a place on any of the events below or call or email the office 

Title: NCC website redesign session for members
Date: Monday, 23 November 2015
Time:13.00 - 14.00
Location: Conference room, South wing
Description: NCC website redesign input session with Jadu web design company
Officer contact: Frances Grimmer, Communications and Ceri Sumner
Booking:Click here to book on this event

Title: A Good Education for Every Norfolk Learner - a briefing and workshop on new testing and examinations at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 
Date: Wednesday, 6 January 2016 
Time: 13.30 - 15.30 
Location: Edwards room, County Hall 
Description: Workshop with Chris Snudden, Head of Education Achievement Services

Booking:Click here to book on this event

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Coming soon - Spring 2016 courses go-live!

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 11/20/2015 - 13:32
Coming soon - Spring 2016 courses go-live!

The Adult Education Spring term starts on 4th January 2016 and you will be able to enrol on these courses from 9am on Tuesday 8th December 2015.


We are sorry that this is later than usual and apologise for any inconvenience.


We still have a few autumn courses available so visit the website:
or call 0344 800 8020 to speak to an advisor

Tel: 0344 800 8020
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Help choose the winners in our Norfolk Trails photo competition

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 11/20/2015 - 13:03

 Norfolk Trails E-Newsletter

'A Trail for All Seasons' competitionHelp choose the winning photos

This year we’ve been running a photo competition with the theme of seasons on the Norfolk Trails. We’ve had an amazing response, and received nearly 200 entries – so thank you to everyone who has entered! 

The standard of entries was also very high and our judges had a tough job deciding on the six finalists.

Now, help choose the top three (who will all win prizes) by voting before 4pm on Monday 23rd NovemberVote for your favourite photo here 

The photos in the final are (in alphabetical order):

Norfolk Coast Path - Burnham Overy Staithe Mill (Autumn) by Gary Pearson

Norfolk Coast Path - Burnham Overy Staithe (Summer) by Gary Pearson

Norfolk Coast Path – Thornham (Summer) by Lee Acaster

Peddars Way – Winter by Ian Whettingsteel

Weavers' Way - Thurne Summer Sunset by Belinda Roll

Wensum Way – Crisp Spring Day by Kay Davey

Don't forget to vote for your favourite photo here by 4pm Monday 23rd November.

The prizes

The top three photos (as voted by you) will all receive their photo as a canvas print plus:

1st: £100 Cotswolds voucher 2nd: £50 Cotswolds voucher 3rd: £25 Cotswolds voucher

Thank you to Cotswold Outdoor, Norwich, who are donating the £50 voucher!

Under 16s

We also have a special Under 16s category with its own prizes, the winner of which is being chosen by the judges - good luck!

A big thank you to our judges this year:

Hilary Cox (Norfolk Walking and Cycling Champion)

Steve Adams (EDP Picture Editor)

David Yates (Senior Trails Development Officer)

Want to know where you can explore the Norfolk Trails yourself? 

Find out lots of ideas for walks and cycle rides on our website:

Keep up to date with all the latest Norfolk Trails news:

Follow us on Twitter

Like us on Facebook

Good luck to all the finalists!

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Norfolk Arts Forum Bulletin 20 November 2015

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 11/20/2015 - 12:30

Dear Norfolk Arts Forum Members,

Welcome to the 20 November 2015 edition of the Norfolk Arts Forum Bulletin. Below you will find information on jobs, opportunities, and funding for the arts in Norfolk.

Thank you also to everyone who attended our Norfolk Arts Forum Conference & AGM 2015; it was fantastic to have such a great turnout of members and we will be posting presentations from the day on our website very soon.

In This Issue:Job OpportunitiesFreelance Bid Writer/Producer - Ensemble Dance Co.

Ensemble is an umbrella for the work of dancer and dance maker Hayley Matthews. The company has a constant flow of integration and disintegration, bringing together temporary companies for each work. Currently based in Norwich.

The successful applicant will be working initially on two projects; 

Still in the City, which has toured in research and development in 2014 - 2015 at Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Norwich Puppet Theatre, Tanz Fabrik (Berlin), The Camden Fringe Festival, The Cockpit Theatre, London and OPEN Ealing, London. This will be a bid writing and marketing project to gain support for the work to develop an early years and young people's strand in Norwich in 2016 that is integrated into a professional performance. And to develop and market the work as a touring piece for festivals in the UK and abroad in 2016/2017. 

The Home Project, developed in 2014-2015 with playwright Lucinda Everett, Artist Connie Page, photographer and cinematographer Al Simmons, alongside Hayley. In 2106 the project will be developing as a portrait, sound and performance work combining exhibition, live work and published writing. The project explores personal and universal aspects of home. This will be primarily securing funding and developing support from venues as well as supporting the company with production and marketing. 

The fee will be negotiable, based on a freelance day rate and dependent of successful funding bids.

To apply send CV and covering letter with details of relevant previous work to by December 13 2015.

Links to the work and tumbler pages can be found here: Still in the City Still in the City  Hayley Matthews – Performance Show Reel 

Teaching Museum Traineeships - Norfolk Museums Service

£16,231 per annum
12 month fixed term from April 2016

Norfolk Museums Service is offering 6 Traineeships as part of its nationally recognised Teaching Museum Traineeship Programme. These starter posts are offered on a 12 months fixed term contract from April 2016 at a salary of £16,231. A range of traineeships are on offer providing the opportunity to work with museums and their collections: handling, documenting, interpreting and caring for objects/artefacts and to bring them to life for visitors, through displays, events and social media.

The Norfolk Teaching Museum Traineeship combines a job with a training and development programme delivered by museum professionals who are experts in their field. You will be supported to carry out the duties and responsibilities of your job. The development programme will equip you with the skills knowledge and experience to pursue a career in the museum sector. No museum experience is required but we are looking for people who are qualified to Advanced level as a minimum. You must have a demonstrable interest in museums and in finding work in the museum sector and experience of working in a public-facing, customer service type role.

We to appoint a cohort of trainees who will never stop learning, people with inquisitive minds and lots of ideas, who can act with integrity and demonstrate their excellent communication skills.  Ultimately, we are looking for people with a passion for museums and the enthusiasm and understanding to make every visitor feel valued.

Does this sound like you? If so you can find out more about this opportunity by attending a briefing session for potential applicants at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery on 11th or 12th December 2015.

The briefing sessions are an important part of the application process. Attending a session will enable you to make a fuller, more informed application. After attending a briefing you will be sent a link to the application pack and application form. The deadline for return of completed applications will be 3 January 2016. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an assessment centre at Norwich Castle Museum which will be on either 24 or 25 February 2016.

For further information and to book a briefing session visit

Development OpportunitiesArts Award Bronze & Silver Adviser Training

Arts Award Bronze & Silver Adviser Training will be held on 3rd December 2015 at The Garage in Norwich and 18th January at ADEC in Ely.

The Arts Award Bronze & Silver course is for adults who want to become Bronze and Silver Arts Award advisers. Advisers are crucial to Arts Award; they need to communicate with children and young people successfully and offer them effective support while they are working towards their Award.

The Bronze & Silver Adviser course is suitable for anyone who works with young people aged 11 to 25 and meets the requirements outlined in the Arts Award adviser person specification.

The cost to attend a course is £170, but if you book a course here before 31 December you will receive 25% off the course fee.

Networking and Making the Ask - Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy

Tuesday 12 January 2016
Bush Theatre, London

If you find the whole concept of initiating and developing relationships with donors and funders daunting, this introductory course with Frances Tipper is for you. In one day, you will find out how to make a good first impression and build new business relationships at networking events. You then discover how to manage the relationship and develop confidence to make the ask.

Further information can be found here.

Funding Your Youth Arts Project - Artswork 

Thursday 10 March 2016
10am- 4.15pm
The Garage, Norwich

Unfortunately, there is no magic spell or potion for funding success – behind every successful bid is strong planning, partnerships and preparation. This one-day course is designed for those wanting to develop their fundraising skills. Built on our years of experience in shaping and delivering successful youth arts projects in a range of settings, we are here to provide you with expert advice – from sourcing new partners, to submitting a strong bid.

You will gain:

  • Tips on identifying funding sources for youth arts projects
  • Best practice awareness for planning and preparing your funding applications
  • Information on finding suitable practitioners and/or partners for your project
  • An understanding of the legalities of working with young people
  • Ideas for how to make the most of what you already have, and how to source what you need

The price for each participant is £130 and the day includes lunch, refreshments and a certificate of attendance for each delegate. Limited bursary places are available.

Further information can be found here

Youth Arts Project Management: A six-day accredited course - Artswork

Wednesday 20th April - Wednesday 15th June 2016
20th & 21st April, 10th & 11th May, 14th & 15th June 2016, 10 am- 4.15 pm
Cockpit Arts, London

Designed for people working in the arts and cultural sector wanting to manage projects for young people, this six-day course will leave you fully equipped and inspired to successfully deliver your very own youth arts projects.

Exploring the philosophy and principles of youth arts, you will develop strategies and gain the skills needed to devise a youth arts project, with, for and by young people. We will take you through from the initial ideas and planning stages, through to using professional artists, funding, marketing and evaluation.

Accredited by Buckingham New University (20 credits, Level 5), assessment takes place in a variety of ways – through a reflective learning journal, a case study assignment and active involvement in discussions throughout the course.

You will gain:

  • The knowledge to plan and produce effective strategies
  • Time to focus, explore and develop your thinking
  • Tips on how to cost work and plan budgets
  • Understanding on funding, from the Arts Council to the local shop
  • Advice on how to use your resources wisely
  • Familiarity with the principles and practice of equal opportunities
  • Development through peer discussions with a close group of like-mind professionals
  • Exploration around the intrinsic and extrinsic value of youth arts activity
  • Real world learning
  • Marketing and publicity know-how
  • The art of creative evaluation: planning, delivery and development of future practice

This course is priced at £400, all inclusive of accreditation, certification, lunch and refreshments for all six sessions.

For further information visit

Opportunities for Artists/Writers/PerformersCeramics Artist in Residence - Time & Tide Museum

Time & Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth are looking for a highly skilled ceramics artist to become the third of six crafts people in residence at Time and Tide Museum as part of their Crafting History programme. 

Crafting History is a Heritage Lottery Fund, Young Roots programme. Young People from Creative Collisions Youth Arts network will work with Norfolk Museums and Norfolk Arts & Library Services to set up and manage six, twelve week, craft residencies at Time & Tide Museum. Young People have identified craft skills that have contributed to the heritage of Great Yarmouth and which they feel still have the potential to inspire and engage their age group. They will help to select contemporary practitioners who are using the crafts in new and exciting ways and who also have a deep understanding of how their craft has been practiced traditionally. Practitioners will create original work inspired by museum collections and share their process directly with young people through master classes, workshops and, where practical, studio visits. Work produced by artists and young people will be exhibited at Time & Tide in Summer 2017. 

The residency will happen throughout Feb/March/April 2015. Artists will be contracted for 14 days at £200 per day – Total fee £2800. Additional allowance for accommodation & travel can also be negotiated. Materials are not included in the fee.  

For enquiries & details of how to apply contact Meg Barclay at 

Industry Research & InformationCreative Industries - Routes to Finance

Creative Industries – Routes to Finance is a major initiative by the ICAEW’s Corporate Finance Faculty, supported by the Creative Industries Federation and 52 organisations in the UK’s creative economy.

This guide has been written for creative organisations that are looking to leverage funding and investment from both traditional and non-traditional sources. It's the first comprehensive and bespoke guide for Britain’s creative industries.

It outlines:

  • Practical approaches to financial preparation
  • Professional advice
  • Public investment
  • Philanthropic support and private capital

Together these help organisations to develop financial sustainability and resilience. The guide is based on in-depth interviews and contributions by more than 80 professionals – from national cultural institutions, creative businesses, government agencies, investors, lenders and advisory organisations, who were all part of the original research process.

The creative industries encompass a wide range of film, TV, music, radio, video games, publishing, design, fashion, crafts, fine arts and the performing arts. They are at the heart of the UK’s culture, its international reputation, and some of its most exciting businesses. The Corporate Finance Faculty estimates that the sector accounted for at least £4bn worth of investment deals and M&A in 2014.

Creative Industries – Routes to Finance has been devised, researched and written by Shaun Beaney, ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty, with John Kampfner, Chief Executive, Creative Industries Federation. 52 organisations and more than 80 individuals have contributed their know-how to the publication, from government, arts, culture, the third-sector, advisory and investment.

For further information and to read the guide visit

What Next? Great Yarmouth

What Next? Great Yarmouth will be convening a meeting at St George’s Theatre, Great Yarmouth, on Wednesday 25th November at 11am. 

James Gorry, Cultural Tourism Project Manager at Spring will be addressing the meeting to talk about what the cultural tourism project has done so far and how organisations can get involved in the future. 

What Next? Great Yarmouth meetings are open to all, for further details please contact Liam Murphy at

What Next? Norfolk chapter meeting

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, along with the Writers' Centre are convening a What Next? chapter in Norwich. What Next? is a national movement to advocate for the value of arts and culture to our lives.

What Next? is an opportunity to talk about issues that affect the arts sector, and helps to build the case for funding and support for arts-based activities. It will also be the springboard for sector-led activities to emerge. Nationally, it will lobby the Government and policy-makers to recognise the value of culture.

The details for next week's meeting are below:

What Next? Norfolk chapter meeting
Date: Wednesday 25 November
Time: 1-2pm
Venue: Playroom, Norwich Playhouse, 42-58 Saint Georges Street, Norwich, NR3 1AB
Speaker: Professor Neil Powell, Pro Vice-Chancellor at NUA will be joining What Next? to speak about the British Arts Show which will be in Norwich from June-September 2016.

All are welcome, and if you are interested in attending meetings please email or visit

Funding OpportunitiesVideo Games Prototype Fund

The Video Games Prototype Fund is intended to support UK video games development. Aimed at helping smaller companies get concepts off the drawing board and into production, the Fund will provide additional support to the video games sector, helping to maximise the contribution to economic growth this sector is already delivering.

Over the four years from 2015 to 2019, the Fund will offer grants to support video games projects, as well as creating jobs, nurturing talent and furthering the growth of games clusters all around the UK.

The programme has an overall budget of £4 million.

Over its lifetime, the Fund will offer:

  • Grants of up to £25,000 to help new and young games development businesses create working prototype games.
  • Grants of up to £50,000 for a limited number of projects to take their ideas beyond the prototype phase.
  • Talent development initiatives - this will include competitions for students and graduate teams to create and showcase new games, mentoring for businesses and individuals, and opportunities for talented individuals to work on games prototype projects.

Under the first round, grants of up to £25,000 for labour-related production costs of eligible projects will be available. Grants of up to £50,000, where there is evidenced leverage / co-funding opportunity or a publisher relationship are also available.

The money can be used to help games development businesses create working prototype games and raise the private investment necessary to see a concept turned into a finished product.

New and young small companies in the UK’s video games industry will be eligible to apply during the Fund's lifetime. However, this first round is specifically open to established companies.

The first call for applications is now open. The deadline for applications to be received is Monday 30 November 2015.

Further information can be found here

BBC Children in Need – Small Grants Programme

Not for profit organisations such as such schools; registered charities; voluntary organisations; churches; and community interest groups; etc. can apply for grants of up to £10,000 through the BBC Children in Need Small Grants programme. The grants are available for projects that: 

  • Help children and young people experiencing illness, distress, abuse or neglect
  • Any kind of disability
  • Behavioural or psychological difficulties
  • And / or living in situations of deprivation.

The closing date for applications is the 1st December 2015

Read more at:

Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Support for Groups and Networks

The Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy programme wants to encourage and support networks, collaboration and group learning in fundraising across England in the arts and cultural sector.  

Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy wants to support groups or networks to arrange their own fundraising training event, conference, seminar or introductory meeting. To do this, they have set aside some funding to pay some of the associated costs that arise from organising these events.  This may include participants’ travel costs, venue hire, catering, fees for speakers/guests, or any other relevant expenditure. Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy will pay costs up to a maximum of £1,500 net for any single event.

To apply, please submit your proposal to us with the following information:

  • The name /nature of your network/group/cohort
  • Group lead(s) and members (names, job roles, organisations). if the group consists of more than 20 people, please give the overall number of members and a general description of them
  • Why your group/cohort would like to work together, or is working together
  • The activity you would like to receive support for, and how this activity will strengthen fundraising skills across the group/cohort
  • Who will deliver it, location, and date(s)
  • How learning will be distributed throughout your group/cohort, and wider if applicable
  • A draft budget, including all expenditure and income, including a breakdown of the costs you would like to be covered by Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy
  • Why you would like us to cover the costs of the event, and how this support will help your existing group do something new, or help you establish a new network or group
  • How you believe this event will help strengthen arts & cultural fundraising for your network or group

Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy is happy to support groups/cohorts through attending events and/or liaising on their behalf with our group of expert freelance fundraising trainers to undertake bespoke activity (subject to agreement of fees).

The closing date for applications is Friday 8 January 2016 at 12pm. All events/activity must take place before the end of May 2016.

Further information can be found here.

EMI Music Sound Foundation's Instrument/Equipment Awards

Schools in the UK, that wish to purchase musical instruments and equipment can apply for funding of up to £2,000 through the EMI Music Sound Foundation's Instrument and/or Equipment Awards. To date the Foundations has made awards to over two thousand schools, individual students and teachers improve their access to music through the purchase or upgrade of musical instruments and equipment. The funding has to be made for music education that is beyond statutory national curriculum music teaching. The Foundation cannot fund retrospectively and schools are not eligible for financial assistance under this scheme if they have already purchased their instruments or if they do so before their application has been approved.

The closing date for applications is the 8th February 2016

Read more at: 

Edge Creative Enterprise Fund

The purpose of the Edge Creative Enterprise Fund is to nurture and assist creative businesses to grow. According to the funder, many of these companies start with a small number of employees, and a high level of entrepreneurial flair. This programme provides capital and mentoring skills to stimulate growth and innovation within these firms.

The programme has a total of £40 million available to offer as investments in individual companies. Levels of investments per successful business are unspecified and will be offered according to demonstrated need and business potential.

The Fund is targeting a minimum three times the return for its private investors over its 7-10 year lifetime.

Edge Investments is focused on delivering growth capital to emerging companies. Where appropriate, Edge also offers its investors tax efficient investment opportunities under the Enterprise Investment Scheme and the Venture Capital Trust scheme.

The Fund will back fast growing and revenue generating small and medium-sized creative companies in the UK, which have core intellectual property which can be scaled. The term 'creative industries' refers to activities that trade with creativity, knowledge and information.

There are no specified deadlines for securing support.

Further information can be found here

Garfield Weston Foundation

The Foundation funds a broad range of activities and organisations, however, details from their annual report indicate that projects came under the following categories: Arts, Community, Education, Welfare, Medical, Faith, Youth and Environment. Trustees are flexible on who funding can be used. Organisations need to demonstrate how the funds can make the most difference – either by funding core costs (not salaries); or funding a specific project.

There are no formal deadlines for submitting applications.

Applications and supporting documents must be sent by post and you should allow approximately 4 months for a final outcome; for details of application process visit

Esmee Fairbairn Trust

Esmee Fairbairn aims to improve the quality of life throughout the UK. They do this by funding the charitable activities of organisations that have the ideas and ability to achieve change for the better. The Foundation like to consider work which others may find hard to fund, perhaps because it breaks new ground, appears too risky, requires core funding, or needs a more unusual form of financial help such as a loan. They also take the initiative where new thinking is required or where we believe there are important unexplored opportunities. Funding can be used for:

Main Funds - Within four areas of interest – the arts, education and learning, the environment and enabling disadvantaged people to participate fully in society – Esmee Fairbairn will prioritise work that: 

  • Addresses a significant gap in provision
  • Develops or strengthens good practice
  • Challenges convention or takes a risk in order to address a difficult issue
  • Tests out new ideas or practices
  • Takes an enterprising approach to achieving its aims
  • Sets out to influence policy or change behaviour more widely.

Application Deadlines: First stage applications can be made at any time, if successful applicants will be advised by the Foundation on how to proceed with the next stage. 

Read more at:

Norfolk Arts Forum



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Norfolk County Council - Planning (Regulatory) Committee

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 11/20/2015 - 01:05

You are subscribed to receive this alert and notification regarding the publication of Norfolk County Council Committee Papers relating to Planning (Regulatory) Committee. The Agenda for the meeting due to be held on Friday 27 November 2015 is now available.
Please note that Norfolk County Council is moving towards more paperless working and printed meeting papers are not generally available at our public meetings. Please click on the highlighted link above and then, within the site that opens, click the relevant date under the “Scheduled Meeting Date” column to see these papers.
If you have any queries please email

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Norfolk County Council News Update

Norfolk Council News Feed - Thu, 11/19/2015 - 17:22

You are subscribed to News releases for Norfolk County Council.

The following news has recently been added to our website:

Help Norfolk prevent the spread of Norovirus this winter

View details on our news page.

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