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Email scams and phishing alerts

Look out for the following email scams which are circulating: 

If you receive one of these emails delete it without clicking on any links in the message. You can report scam emails to Action Fraud, details below.

More advice and updates from Norfolk TS

For more consumer advice and updates, visit our consumer alerts web page or follow us on Facebook or twitter.

Reporting scams

Reporting any scams you receive can help to build up intelligence on the scammers and how they target people. You can report scams to:

Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline 03454 04 05 06 or
Action Fraud (UK’s National Fraud Office) 0300 123 2040 or

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The Norwich Northern Distributor Road newsletter

Norfolk Council News Feed - Thu, 06/22/2017 - 14:37
                                                                                      No 16 - June 2017 Wroxham Road closure to avoid Half TermThe October closure of the A1151 Wroxham Road will not take place over the school Half Term.

Consultation with leisure-based and other businesses in and around Wroxham and Hoveton showed overwhelming opposition to any disruption to the important autumn holiday trade. Instead, the nine-day closure will be from Saturday 7 October to Sunday 15 October (inclusive).

According to Broads Tourism, the October Half Term is one of the peak weeks of the season, a view underlined by BeWILDerwood, who expect 20,000 visitors, and nearly 7,000 cars, over the October holiday.

The closure is needed to construct a culvert under the A1151 close to the roundabout junction with the NDR. The roundabout will be surfaced and tied-in during the same closure, so overnight closures in September will not be needed. Keeping the closure down to nine days is only possible by working extended hours and Sundays, so the next step is to obtain approval to work beyond the normal NDR working hours (7am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday).

Cromer Road junction taking shape

Thanks to Mike Page for another bird's eye view of the NDR. This picture, taken on Wednesday 21st June, shows progress on the A140 Cromer Road junction, with the new roundabout and slip roads north of the bridge taking shape. The existing Holt Road roundabout, on the left, will be adapted to provide the slip road connections serving the NDR's westbound carriageway.

Extended Saturday working hours

Permission has been given to extend Saturday working hours on the NDR so that work can continue until 7pm  rather than stopping at 1pm. In practice, it was rarely worth mobilising to work only on Saturday mornings.

A condition of the approval is that during the extra hours, no particularly noisy activities, such as piling or breaking out with pneumatic tools, can take place within 300m of people's homes.

The first use of later Saturday working will be this coming weekend, where work on the Reepham Roada nd Fir Covert Road roundabouts will require temporary lights. Work may also extend into the afternoon on the main Drayton Lane/NDR roundabout, on a track being constructed on the north side of the North Walsham Road to Wroxham Road stretch, and on the main carriageway between the A1067 Fakenham Road and Fir Covert Road.

Broadland Way overnight closures

At Broadland Business Park the construction of a new foot and cycle path and Toucan crossing on Broadland Way is nearing completion.

One of the final tasks is surfacing, and this will be carried out under overnight closures of Broadland Way next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights (26-28 June) from 8pm to 6am the following morning. The work includes surfacing the Peachman Way roundabout, where temporary signals will be used to allow traffic to access Peachman Way and the new Postwick Hub access road, which will provide the diversion route.

Once the surfacing has finished, detector loops will be cut into the road to serve the new Toucan crossing, and white lining will be added.

Special arrangements have been made to access Heath Farm properties from the Postwick direction.

1,700 tonnes of asphalt a day!

Up to 1,700 tonnes of asphalt a day is being laid by Tarmac as the base layers of the NDR dual carriageway extend along the route.

After working along both carriageways between the A1067 Fakenham Road and the A140 junction construction site, the double-width paver - which lays two lanes without a joint - has now been moved to the stretch between Wroxham Road and North Walsham Road.

Before the asphalt base layers can be laid the sub-soil layers have to be stabilised with cement, and this process has moved on to the stretches between Plumstead Road and Postwick. This process is much slower than the asphalt paving.

Lorry movements on public roads

Huge amounts of soil and sub-soil have been moved during construction of the NDR, and this has been kept off public roads by using a haul route along the NDR. 

Unfortunately, we have had to start moving material from the Spixworth area to the Plumstead area by road.  It is needed to bring forward the completion of the embankments serving the Middle Road bridge so that the road can be reopened.  Some material has been won nearby, but more needs to come from west of the Norwich to Sheringham railway - and the bridge under construction at Rackheath will not be able to take construction traffic for some time.

The lorries are only running until 4pm each day and drivers have been asked to avoid White Woman Lane when children are going home from school. 


~ Construction of the bridge over the railway took a big step forward this week with the pouring of the concrete on the steel-reinforced bridge deck. Mike Page's aerial picture (left) shows the new concrete protected as it hardens and gains strength.

Stay up to date with NDR developments

The NDR Facebook page is a good way of getting up to the minute information on the project, as well as providing a lively discussion forum. 

~ Follow NDR progress on Facebook and Twitter @NorwichNDR.
~ Visit our web pages at .
~ Email, or call 0344 800 8020.

Anyone with an email address can sign up to receive the 'NDR Extra' and 'Transport Matters' newsletters - simply email

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Norfolk County Council - Norfolk Records Committee

Norfolk Council News Feed - Thu, 06/22/2017 - 11:04

You are subscribed to receive this alert and notification regarding the publication of Norfolk County Council Committee Papers relating to Norfolk Records Committee. The Agenda for the meeting due to be held on Friday 30 June 2017 at 10.30am at the Norfolk Record Office, County Hall, is now available.


Please note that Norfolk County Council is moving towards more paperless working and printed meeting papers are not generally available at our public meetings. Please click on the highlighted link above and then, within the site that opens, click the relevant date under the “Scheduled Meeting Date” column to see these papers.
If you have any queries please email



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Improving Times Spotlight on Breckland

Norfolk Council News Feed - Thu, 06/22/2017 - 09:18
Children's Services staff newsletter - 21 June 2017 NIPE Experience for Ibn Abdallah Yussif 

I am a newly qualified social worker currently with FIT 2 CITY based at Carrow House, Norwich. I was employed into NIPE based at the Breckland locality in October, 2016.

I wish to take this opportunity to write about my time and experience with the NIPE team based at BRECKLAND. First and foremost, belonging to a small sized team had a huge positive implications for team cohesion and in enhancing the quality of relationship and the efficacy of supervision. Our small team was synonymous with a secure base. I felt valued and my colleagues and manager were always there for me in times of need. More importantly, there was so much acceptance and cooperation among us as a team.  I listened to my colleagues and offered constructive advice and support and I was always able to talk about my feelings and short comings as well as my strengths without the fear of being judged. I was assured of support from my colleagues and manager to find a solution.  I am really happy that our current system wide changes in Children Services prioritize the smaller team philosophy.

Another area that I will single out for a mention was how I was supervised.  I benefited from the regular two weekly one-to-one supervision with my manager, and group supervision sessions. Dan Reeve, my manager provided very purposeful and effective supervision throughout my time with NIPE.  Supervision created a reflective space which was useful in extending my understanding, analysis and judgement. Simply put, whenever, I emerged from supervision with Dan, I felt very positive and much more effective.  Group supervision sessions were equally moments of tremendous collective reflections, benefiting from varied perspectives on presenting practice challenges.   Group supervision was socially and intellectually stimulating and engendered continuing critical thinking and reflection. Supervision provided support for my case understanding, and my manger remained a containing figure, reassuring and assuaging my anxieties.

Furthermore, an endearing feature which acted as a bond for me and the team was the quality of the relationship within the team, and with other workers across the service including business support. This relationship was a nurturing one respecting of each other and valuing each other in our collaborative endeavour. Experiencing this good relationship in my team, made it easier and facilitated my ability and capacity to construct partnership working with children and families which is a key emphasis of the Signs of Safety approach

More so, the quality of the relationship also advances other aspects of best practice. For example, anti-oppressive and anti- discriminatory practices, equality, rights and dignity can in reality, only ever be expressed meaningfully in human relationships otherwise they become meaningless.

Finally, the transition arrangements out of NIPE to my current team was very smooth and enabling. This began with some co working of cases with more experienced social workers from FIT 2 City.  Co working helped in social integration with the new team and also helped me to gain a better understanding of the nature of work and expectation in my new team prior to my arrival.

 In a nutshell, my experience with NIPE Breckland has lit a flame of optimism and embedded my enthusiasm and unconditional love in my job as a social worker.


The changing face of our community project

Pupils from St Peter & St Paul’s Primary school worked with Unity in Diversity’s Diversity Consultant Jo Wilson, Ruth Simpson, Community Capacity Coordinator and Kevin Howard, Commissioning Partnerships & Community Capacity Manager in a programme celebrating their local community. 

The aim of the project was for children to develop a greater understanding about their community and to explore their personal identity and heritage.  A particular focus was to  embrace the ethnic diversity within the local area, by recognising different cultures, influences and their importance to us as individuals and as a society. 

The children engaged fully in creative and fun interactive session and discovered there were people in the class who came from other areas of the world as well as Norfolk. 

A world map was used for the children to plot where they had a personal connection which led to a wonderful class conversation about their experineces and the richness of their ethnic backgrounds.  All the children contributed and engaged with enthusiaism about the subject area which included respecting each other, valuing difference and challenging racism.       

The children evaluated their learning and some feedback was - “I really enjoyed sharing what was special to me.” “I enjoyed when we were talking about where we are from.”

“I learned things about other people.” & “I enjoyed trying different food.”

The learning from the project will be used as a way of engaging pupils and schools.

Jigsaw pieces celebrating personal identity and connection with others

SIgns of Safety Tips

Don’t forget when completing FSP Assessments and Delivery plans to have clear Worry Statements, Safety Goals and Scaling questions. Can’t remember how to write these? Want some help? Below are some tips on how to write them.

 Worry Statements

 One or two sentences that clearly explains the behaviours/feelings everyone is concerned about.

  • Who is worried?
  • What are they worried about?
  • What have you seen to make you worried?
  • What is the likely impact IF nothing changes?

 Safety Goals

One or two sentences that describe what the family and professionals what life will look like when no-one is worried anymore.

  • describe the behaviours/feelings/experiences

For this to happen we need to see...

  • describe what parents/carers will be doing

we will need to see this in place for…

  • give a timescale to know things can remain like this.

 Scaling Questions

On a scale of 0 to 10;

where 10 is…

( describe how things should look when things are good enough /safe enough) ,

and 0 is…

(describe what will happen if nothing changes )

 where would you rate it today?

Signs of safety training - Eraly Help and Social Care working together

There have been some well received and very successful Signs of Safety development workshops in Breckland. Early help and Social Care teams have worked together;  some excellent presentations have taken place; with more in the future . Words and Pictures sessions run for Social Care by the Process Team have been singled out for praise “See! I was right that you would do a wonderful job and your words and pictures are amazing, that is what I am being told up here as well” Quote: Claudia Jarratt (Team Manager Family Intervention  Team 1)



We held a bake sale on Monday for Alzheimer’s Society for Cupcake Day  We raised £47.33. :-)

The Breckland Focus Issue

Sign up here to see and receive our releases as they are issued.

Brightening Up Your Day!!

Teenage Pregnancy Network:

The development of the Thetford Teenage Pregnancy Network has received positive feedback from Public Health and Multiagency partners involved. As a result of joined up efforts to highlight the needs, look at existing services, identify the evidence base and analyse the gaps, the Matthew Project has been successfully commissioned to work in the locality for a pilot period of one year. This service will focus on Sex Education, Chlamydia and Condom Distribution in Youth Settings. Other commissioned projects county wide include the Magdalen Project, LGBT and Terrance Higgins Trust.

Stephanie has also been asked to support Public Health who are keen to replicate this model across the county on a locality basis. This will provide opportunities for collaborative working with colleagues within and outside of the Organisation and the potential for joined up resources at a local level.

Thetford Parent’s Event at Bell Hotel

Stephanie will be attending a Thetford Parent’s Event at the end of this month in collaboration with Thetford Schools and multi-agency colleagues. This provides the opportunity to market the Early Help Offer, offer guidance, information and support to families and ultimately collecting parent feedback ensuring that the level of support they receive is appropriate to their needs and any blocks/barriers to achieving outcomes are identified and reported on. 

Steph Cook Community Capacity Coordinator Breckland

Norfolk Heathy Child Programme

Across the County, Cambridgeshire Community Services (CCS) is moving forwards with the redesign of the 0-19 Healthy Child Programme (HCP).  Here in Breckland, we are very excited about the opportunities to work even more effectively with partners to improve outcomes for children and families. 

Teenage Mothers and Young Fathers Support Pathway 

Our exciting plans for the Teenage Mothers and Young Fathers Pathway have been developing since July 2016 and the pathway is going live in September 2017. We want to thank all of you who contributed to this, individually, at meetings and workshops.

In order to extend the provision to this vulnerable group we have developed a model where the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) programme will deliver targeted intervention to the most vulnerable individuals and will provide supervision for ‘champions’ who will deliver an enhanced service to other teenage mothers and young fathers. In addition FNP will provide training, consultation and support to other locality based organisations and services.

For more information on this or any part of the 0-19 HCP service redesign, please contact Sue McNeilly, Breckland Head of Locality, at

Early Help and Social Care working ever closer with Partners in Breckland

Swaffham Community Centre was the venue of a meeting between local organisations and the Breckland CPCC Team. Ways in which Early Help Family Focus and Social Care can work more closely with partners in Swaffham was the focus. There was an informative discussion about the knowledge and professionalism of local services. The challenges and opportunities of being close to the West Norfolk border were highlighted, such as diversity of opportunities but also being overlooked. The Iceni Partnership, Family Action, Norfolk Home-Start, Swaffham Children’s Centre, Nicholas Hammond Academy and Swaffham Junior Academy were all represented. Further meetings are being planned.

Family Support Process Training Dates

In June 2016 the Family Support Process training was re-designed to incorporate the Signs of Safety model adopted by Norfolk Children’s Services.

The training has had positive feedback with delegates finding the change to Signs of Safety a better way of working with children and families. We encourage anyone who has had the previous FSP training to enrol on the new course to experience the new way of working.

 We offer various dates across the locality.

 Dates for training and how to book can be found here

 We look forward to seeing you there!

In-reach success - a case study

Outreach Practitioner Dave Newell supported a 16-year-old young person who was street homeless and suspected she was pregnant. 

Dave liaised and worked in partnership with the Breckland District council, Edge of Care, Early Help, Social Care team to secure housing for the duration of her GCSE exam period.  A plan for reunification with her mother is in place and she is able to continue with her GCSEs. 

Daisy programme Domestic Abuse Forum

The Daisy Programme has set up a new Domestic Abuse Forum with the first meeting was held on 14th March and a further meeting was held on 17th May 2017.

The forum is an opportunity for professionals to come together, to hear the story of a survivor of Domestic Abuse with a follow on Q&A session with the survivor and the opportunity to network.

We were pleased that George Freeman attended our last meeting and felt we gave him some good background on the service that we offer and the ever growing issue of Domestic Abuse in our local community and more importantly what needs to change for our clients.

New Procedures

Some new documents have been published recently and can be found by following the links below.

Please make sure that you and your teams are aware of and have read these.

S20 practice guidance

Passport to independence

Together or Apart guidance


Your feedback Do you have a good idea for the next Improving Times? Send it to and see our back copies here.
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Shoes! A fascinating new exhibition comes to Lynn Museum

Norfolk Council News Feed - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 17:50
Shoes! A new exhibition at Lynn Museum opens this SaturdayCome and explore the story of footwear from the thirteenth century to the present day when a new exhibition opens at Lynn Museumon Saturday 24 June. 

Shoes! draws upon Lynn Museum’s collection of historic footwear with additional items from the Norfolk Museums Service’s costume and textiles collections. 

Over forty examples are on show, including both everyday shoes from the past and more elaborate shoes made for special occasions. 


Discover a rare medieval example excavated from beneath the streets of King’s Lynn’s and a shoe from the 1600s which was hidden in a blocked up window as a good luck charm.  Shoes with a definite wow factor include a Victorian pair decorated entirely with miniature beads, created with painstaking craftsmanship. 

From more recent times, there is a fantastic pair of 1960s white ‘Go Go’ boots and platform shoes fashionable in the 1970s.  The story of shoes is brought up to date with a look at the high tech that is a feature of modern sportswear.

The Shoes! exhibition will run at Lynn Museum, King's Lynn until June 2018.  For admission prices and opening times, please visit the Lynn Museum website>>

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Norfolk County Council - Norfolk Joint Museums Committee

Norfolk Council News Feed - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 16:40

You are subscribed to receive this alert and notification regarding the publication of Norfolk County Council Committee papers relating to the Norfolk Joint Museums Committee. The Agenda for the meeting due to be held on Friday, 30 June 2017 is now available.

Please note that Norfolk County Council is moving towards more paperless working and printed meeting papers are not generally available at our public meetings. Please click on the highlighted link above and then, within the site that opens, click the relevant date under the “Scheduled Meeting Date” column to see these papers.
If you have any queries please email

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Amazing prizes up for grabs with Write on Norfolk

Norfolk Council News Feed - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 11:42
It's back - our 500 word creative writing competition is now open for entries.

Last year your child's writing was one of over 200 fantastic entries and we hope that you will encourage them to take part again this year. 

We want this year to be even bigger and better and invite even more children aged from 5 - 13 to submit a piece of original creative writing – a poem, a story, a letter or anything in between.

The piece of writing should be no longer that 500 words and Norfolk has to appear at some point in the piece, whether it’s a story about pirates landing on the beach at Great Yarmouth or an ode to a dragon who lives in Norwich Castle, or a diary entry about a spooky happening in Thetford Forest.

Prizes up for grabs this year are:
  • Gold – Fire tablet and £40 Jarrolds Vouchers
  • Silver - £25 Jarrolds Vouchers
  • Bronze - £20 Jarrolds Vouchers

Plus all winners will be invited to select a book from the Jarrolds book section after the winner's event which will be held at the end of September.

Entries close at 5pm on 31 August. 

One entry per child, if more than one entry is submitted, only the entrant's first submission will be considered. See full terms and conditions at

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Norfolk County Council News Update

Norfolk Council News Feed - Tue, 06/20/2017 - 17:22

You are subscribed to News releases for Norfolk County Council.

The following news has recently been added to our website:

Council looks to develop its own homes for care leavers

Details of £162m school building programme to be discussed by councillors

View details on our news page.

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Your Norfolk Extra - June 2017

Norfolk Council News Feed - Tue, 06/20/2017 - 09:34
June 2017

Welcome to 'Your Norfolk Extra', Norfolk County Council's monthly e-newsletter.

Could you be a foster carer?

If you’re thinking about becoming a foster carer but want to know more, we’ve organised two information events. We’d love to meet you, so do drop by for a chat.  

You’ll get a warm welcome from staff and foster carers who will be on hand to answer your questions and talk to you about what it’s really like to be a foster carer. And if you know somebody else who might be interested, please help us by spreading the word.

• Wednesday 21 June, 11am to 7pm at The Forum, Norwich

• Wednesday 5 July, 11am to 7pm at Dobbies Garden Centre, Hardwick Road, King’s Lynn

Find out more about becoming a foster carer.

Norfolk employers - our students need you!

Are you an employer who can really inspire and motivate local young people to help them be better prepared for work?

Norfolk County Council’s Work Experience Norfolk campaign is asking for employers to pledge a work experience placement for a post-16 student in Norfolk. 

Helping students to secure an inspirational work experience opportunity is key to ensuring young people’s work readiness and can also help you towards achieving your own business objectives.

Find out more and complete the short form to tell us the opportunities you can offer to a Norfolk sixth form or college student.

New 2017-18 courses now available

Whatever your goals, whatever your situation, Norfolk Community Learning Services (NCLS) has the course you need to succeed.

From gaining the right qualifications to learning new skills – and even starting a new career – browse the range of courses and start your learning journey.

'Access for all' boardwalk opens at Burgh Castle

A new £53,000 boardwalk at Burgh Castle Roman Fort has opened up waterside paths to everyone.

Fifty tonnes of timber, 28,000 nails and 5,000 screws make up the new 600m-long boardwalk which allows more people to enjoy the western side of Burgh Castle Roman Fort and the far reaching views across the River Waveney and Breydon Marshes.

Find out more about the 1200-mile network of Norfolk Trails

Time for Norfolk apprentices to celebrate

Norfolk apprentices who will have completed their apprenticeship between July 2016 and July 2017 are invited to celebrate at the Apprenticeships Norfolk graduation ceremony on Wednesday 12 July from 6pm at The Halls on St Andrew’s Street in Norwich.

All graduating apprentices attend free of charge and can bring up to two guests with them, also free of charge. The ceremony will be followed by a drinks reception with live music.

Book your place and celebrate your achievement.

Drive sober this summer

Norfolk’s Road Safety Casualty Reduction Partnership team, Think Road Safety, is supporting the police’s summer campaign on drink and drug driving with an outdoor poster campaign to drive home the drink drive message.

Using buses, convenience stores as well as petrol forecourts, the partnership will be promoting its Fatal Four message on outdoor sites across the region. The campaign lasts until 30 June and will see officers from the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Policing Unit breathalysing any driver who is stopped due to concerns over the manner of their driving, a vehicle defect or anyone involved in a collision.

During last year’s campaign (2016) 153 motorists were caught drink or drug driving in Norfolk.

It's nearly Show time!

Norfolk County Council is once again supporting the Royal Norfolk Show by sponsoring the Discovery Zone.

The Discovery Zone (Avenue 15 between 1st and 2nd Drive) is an exciting educational area that combines fun and interesting activities with learning. Aimed at young people of all ages, activities include everything from building a wormery, to science experiences and agricultural exhibitions.

We hope to see you in the Discovery Zone on 28 and 29 June!

Celebration marks completion of Felbrigg roundabout

The new £600,000 Felbrigg roundabout on the A148/B1436 junction near Cromer was built thanks to partners working together and pooling funds. Many of the people most closely involved with the project came together to mark its completion last week.

Money came from 12 organisations and businesses including Norfolk County Council, the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), North Norfolk District Council, Cromer Town Council, local parish councils of Roughton, Runton and Felbrigg, and developers and local businesses.

Improving our city's roads 

Projects to improve two areas of Norwich for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers are underway as the Transport for Norwich programme of work continues.

Cringleford will see new signals to manage traffic flow across the bridge, as well as zebra crossings over Newmarket Road and Colney Lane.

Meanwhile, work in Mile Cross Lane is designed to improve safety along the yellow pedalway, provide better crossing facilities and to control general traffic at the Catton Grove Road junction more efficiently.

NDR surfacing underway

Surfacing on Norwich Northern Distributor Road has moved on to the main carriageways, starting west of the A140 Cromer Road, and heralding a summer of laying ‘black top’ along the whole route.

The surfacing is being carried out for Balfour Beatty and the County Council by Tarmac, using asphalt supplied from a coating plant set up at Postwick for the NDR. 

The asphalt pavers started between Drayton Lane (west of the A140 Cromer Road) and the A1067 Fakenham Road, with more than 2,800 tonnes of asphalt laid by the end of May.

For the latest updates, see the Norwich Northern Distributor Road web pages or Facebook page.

Let's hear it for our volunteers

Thousands of volunteers who work tirelessly to help Norfolk County Council’s services were thanked as part of Volunteers Week this month.

Unpaid helpers work across the full range of services, including school governors, drivers and museum or Norfolk trails volunteers.

Find out more about the volunteering opportunities available and read case studies highlighting the difference volunteers are making to our communities.

To stop receiving these updates, click on the 'update subscriptions' link at the bottom of this email.
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Norfolk Library and Information Service Films & Music Newsletter June 2017

Norfolk Council News Feed - Mon, 06/19/2017 - 19:00
June 2017All new release DVDs are available from the day of release for just £2 for a two night loan Films

No matter what time of year it is, every month gives us a wealth of quality films on DVD and June provides us with a great mix of new titles. In terms of anticipation no film came with such a weight of history as T2: Trainspotting. The original was one of the best films of the 90s, and whilst there hasn’t exactly been a clamour for a sequel, when it arrived it was better than fans dared hope. Don’t miss out on one of 2017’s must see films. When the original Lego Movie came out in 2014 no-one could have predicted what a colossal success it was going to be, but a sequel was immediately on the cards and now we have The Lego Batman Movie to enjoy. More irreverent animated fun for all the family is guaranteed.

Matt Damon is one of the most consistent actors working today, and he returns with his latest CGI laden release The Great Wall. Directed by legendary Chinese director Zhang Yimou, the film tells the tale of mercenaries who join forces with an elite army to fend off a swarm of ancient creatures. Expect big dumb thrills. M. Night Shyamalan’s career has been as notable for the downs as it has the ups, but with Split he showed once again what he is capable of with a small budget, an original idea and a great lead actor. James McAvoy completely steals the show in the story of a man with multiple personality disorder who kidnaps three girls, whilst developing a final, monstrous personality. One of the year’s best psychological thrillers.

Some of the most critically acclaimed films of recent months find their way onto DVD in June, none more so than Moonlight. Seemingly coming out of nowhere the film picked up momentum on the film festival circuit eventually winning the coveted best picture prize at this year’s Oscars. The film deals with three stages in the life of a man from childhood to adulthood, as he struggles to find his place in the world set against the backdrop of violent Miami. Another film which was heavily nominated is Fences, directed by and starring Denzel Washington, alongside Viola Davis who won the best supporting actress Oscar for her role in this film. The film is about a man raising his family in 1950s America, dealing with race relations and the events of his life. Adapted from a stage play, brilliant acting is what you should expect from this film.

Matthew McConaughey is without question one of the finest actors working today, his films over the past five years have some amazing performances and his new film Gold looks set to continue that trend. It tells the story, loosely based on fact, of a man who strikes the largest gold find ever in Indonesia and the adventures and troubles that ensue. Somewhat overlooked at the cinema, fans of McConaughey will not want to miss this.

Critics sniffed, audiences were delighted so it’s a certainty that Fifty Shades Darker will prove to be just as popular as its predecessor was on DVD.

Keanu Reeves had a sleeper hit with the first John Wick film in 2014, and John Wick: Chapter 2 has done that rare thing – proved to be even more successful that the film that spawned it. Reeves plays the titles role, a former assassin who is coaxed out of retirement to…actually let’s not spoil things, fans of the original know what to expect – action, guns and violence. Finally this month we have 20th Century Women, an ensemble piece set in 1970s America starring Annette Bening as a single mother raising her son with the help of two other women. Golden Globe nominations were well deserved for this underseen gem.

All new DVDs are just £2 to borrow and all of these films, plus many more are available on day of release. 


June will see a host of new album releases, some a very long time in the making. Almost 25 years since his last solo album Roger Waters finally returns with new music and the reviews suggest ‘Is This The World We Really Want?’ has been well worth the wait. Kasabian bagged yet another number 1 album with their latest release and expectations are high for the second albums from London Grammar and Royal Blood. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have been releasing quality, challenging music since the 1980s and if you’re not sure where to start then the new double best of album will be the ideal jumping on point. 

Alt-J also return with their eagerly awaited third release and pop fans will be excited with a new Katy Perry album and of course the debut album from Harry Styles which has already become one of the biggest selling albums of the year so far. These titles are merely the tip of the iceberg with new music being added to our catalogue every week, all of which can be reserved for delivery to your nearest library free of charge.

All music CDs are a ridiculously cheap 80p for a one week loan.

For more information on our films and music offer click here. To browse the latest DVD and CD releases on our online catalogue click here.

Follow us on Facebook at

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             To visit the Norfolk Libraries Book News & Reviews Blog click here


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Norfolk County Council News Update

Norfolk Council News Feed - Mon, 06/19/2017 - 17:05

You are subscribed to News releases for Norfolk County Council.

The following news has recently been added to our website:

New £1.1m sixth form to open at Sidestrand Hall School

View details on our news page.

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Norfolk County Council - Pensions Committee

Norfolk Council News Feed - Mon, 06/19/2017 - 15:23

You are subscribed to receive this alert and notification regarding the publication of Norfolk County Council Committee Papers relating to Norfolk Pensions Committee. The Agenda for the meeting due to be held on Tuesday, 27 June 2017 is now available.
Please note that Norfolk County Council is moving towards more paperless working and printed meeting papers are not generally available at our public meetings. Please click on the highlighted link above and then, within the site that opens, click the relevant date under the “Scheduled Meeting Date” column to see these papers.
If you have any queries please email

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Norfolk Arts Forum Bulletin 16 June 2017

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 15:00

Dear Norfolk Arts Forum Members,

Welcome to the 16 June 2017 edition of the Norfolk Arts Forum Bulletin. Below you will find information on jobs, opportunities, and funding for the arts in Norfolk.

In This Issue:Job OpportunitiesProject Support Officer, Castle Museum

£20,661 - £22,658 per annum (Scale F)
37 hours per week
Temporary contract until 31 March 2019  

Closing date: 25 June 2017 

An exciting opportunity has arisen to join the team responsible for undertaking the major new heritage project, 'Norwich Castle: Gateway to Medieval England', which will restore Norwich Castle Keep to its original appearance and layout, when it was constructed between 1090 and 1120.

Norfolk Museums Service has been awarded major development grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic England to take the project forward. Based in Norwich, you will provide financial and administrative support to the Project Manager and Project Director, ensuring administrative and financial compliance with the requirements of Norfolk County Council, external funders and UK Public Procurement Regulations. 

You will have familiarity with payment systems, reporting and financial practices within a relevant organisation. They will have strong ICT skills, including use of Excel spreadsheets, and experience of procurement and budget monitoring. They will have experience of project work and be an effective team worker, with good verbal and written communication skills.

For an informal discussion regarding this vacancy please contact Angela Riley, Project Manager, on 01603 493671 or 

For more information, please click here 

Marketing & Development Assistant, Norwich Theatre Royal

Closing date: 5pm, Friday 30th June.  Interviews will be held in Norwich w/c 10th July.
£16,902 pa

To provide administrative support for marketing and fundraising activities, including communications, research, event organisation, data processing and general administration. 

Completed applications should be sent to, or by post to Melanie McGhee, Theatre Royal, Theatre Street, Norwich NR2 1RL.  To download job description and application form:

Lecturer: Fashion Communication and Promotion, Norwich University of the Arts

An experienced lecturer with a background in Fashion Communication and Promotion is required to join the team for our BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion degree course which offers students the opportunity to study a wide range of disciplines relating to fashion branding, marketing and promotion.

The role involves supporting the development, teaching and running of the course and includes relevant teaching core subjects, organising skills-based workshops, liaising with technical staff and supervising students.

The successful applicant will have a broad knowledge of the practice and theory of fashion marketing and promotion with specific skills and industry experience in one or more of the following: art direction, styling and photography for fashion; fashion publication and graphic design. The postholder will have good organisational skills and competency with relevant design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You will have an understanding of learning and teaching strategies at degree level, together with skills in team-working and organisation and a commitment to promoting student employability.

This post is offered on a full time, fixed term basis for one year.

Closing date: 5.00 pm Friday 7th July 2017
Interviews will be held on: Monday 17th July 2017

For more information and to apply, please visit:

Front of House Supervisor, Maddermarket Theatre

Closes: 25th June 2017


The Maddermarket are recruiting for a Front of House Supervisor who will be responsible for the smooth and efficient day to day running of the front of house operations.
They will lead and develop the team of front of house volunteers, in both their activity and their approach, to provide at all times a safe, warm, friendly and vibrant environment for audiences, visitors and staff.

For more details go to:

Museum Learning Assistant, Ancient House Museum Thetford 

£8,439 - £8,914 per annum (Scale C)
20 hours per week
Permanent contract
A Chance to work as part of a small team delivering a high standard of customer-focused services, so that the visitors’ experience is informative, enjoyable and safe.

Key areas are:
-Learning, information and interpretation  
-safety and security of the Museum, its collections, and the public 
-reception, administration and retailing

Please note that you will be required to:
-Work regular weekends, bank holidays and evenings.
-Be a key holder, undertake call out of duties and be responsible for  security and emergency procedures.

For further details and how to apply visit:

Closing date: 19 July 2017

Marriott’s Way Heritage Trail Trainee (2 posts)

Location: County Hall
£15,115 - £15,375 per annum (Scale B)
37 hours per week
Temporary contract until: 30 June 2018
Norfolk County Council’s Environment Service sits within the Communities and Environment Directorate. It includes historic and natural environment planning and records focused teams, a partnership and projects team, and teams managing countryside access and arboriculture.

We are looking for trainee to join our team undertaking work on the Marriott’s Way Heritage Trail to deliver the outputs described in the Activity Plan. You should be 18 or older on commencement, and will be based at County Hall but will spend a significant amount of time working outside on the Marriott’s Way and its surrounding area.
You will receive training, work under supervision and have an assigned mentor within the team who will provide relevant advice and support. This traineeship is focused on the infrastructure elements of the project and you will be involved with creating new circular walks and spur routes, carrying out practical conservation work and re-creation of railway features, and vegetation management.

The Marriott’s Way Heritage Trail is an exciting project that will preserve and enhance the hidden industrial and natural heritage of the corridor along Marriott’s Way - a long distance trail along two disused railways. This project will restore and record the heritage, engage with people to encourage them to explore and understand it, produce information with innovative digital content including augmented reality and involve people in its ongoing management and maintenance. The project’s themes are the history of railway transport along the route and the significance of the landscape corridor for plants and wildlife.

For more information and to apply visit:

Closing date: 25 June 2017

Vacancies, Cambridge Live

Client & Visitor Services Co-ordinator

Cambridge Live is looking for a Client & Visitor Services Coordinator for its cultural venues – the Cambridge Corn Exchange (the East of England's largest and most famous concert venue), and the Small and Large Hall of the iconic Cambridge Guildhall. The focus of the role is to ensure the highest possible levels of service to show, event and conference clients both in advance of them arriving at the venue and whilst they are here, and to also ensure that our visitors using the venues also received excellent highest possible levels of service.

The deadline for the receipt of applications is 5pm on Friday 23rd June 2017.

Event Manager (Part-time)

Cambridge Live is looking to bolster its duty management cover at its shows, events and conferences. Working as part of the Client & Visitor Services team the role will undertake all tasks associated with the smooth and successful running and management of shows, events, conferences and weddings at the East’s most famous venue, the Cambridge Corn Exchange and the Small and Large Halls of the city’s iconic Guildhall ensuring the highest possible level of service to customers, clients and production teams.

The deadline for the receipt of applications is 5pm on Friday 23rd June 2017.

For more information visit: 

Development OpportunitiesApprenticeships for Employers event

4 July, 9am-1pm
Cambridge Junction  
Free of charge

Many employers in the creative sector are demanding quality information on apprenticeships, particularly in the light of the recent apprenticeship reforms. So, over the next six months Creative & Cultural Skills, supported by Arts Council England, is running a series of half-day events across the English regions to provide advice and guidance on apprenticeships.

The half-day events are free of charge, and will feature expert speakers, a discussion panel and a choice of two breakout sessions. Refreshments will be provided.

The Eastern area event is on 4 July at Cambridge Junction.  While these events are fully booked else where in the country we are at risk of losing out in the East.  Our event currently has very low numbers and unless we have more bookings by Friday 16th June the event is likely to be cancelled. 

To book and view other events please click here

South and East Museums Federation

The Federation is an independent membership led organisation. It organises study days offering a chance to hear about museum projects and network with fellow museum professionals. It also organises an annual study trip, providing members with a rare opportunity to visit behind the scenes and meet members of staff from museums in other countries. Membership is £10 annually.

If you’re interested, take a look at our website

Creative Writing

Nelson Norfolk Narratives at Norwich Castle Museum
From Monday 31st July 2017 11:00 to Tuesday 1st August 2017 16:00

An informal, two-day, creative writing event, inspired by the Nelson and Norfolk exhibition - with class exercises and constructive feedback for beginners or improvers.
Booking is essential. Adult £50, Conc £45, Museums Pass £40 (For the two days). Booking essential, tel 01603 493625 / 495897 or online here

Writing the Visual at Norwich Castle Museum
From Monday 14th August 2017 11:00 to Tuesday 15th August 2017 16:00

A two-day event using visual art as a way of inspiring creative writing.
With class exercises and constructive critiques to help beginners or improvers develop their skills.
Booking is essential. Adult £50, Conc £45, Museums Pass £40 (For the two days). Booking essential, tel 01603 493625 / 495897 or online here

Please contact if you have any queries regarding course content. However, bookings need to be made directly with either City College or Norwich Castle.

Coast Arts, Autumn Workshops

Full details of these, including booking information is on the website

Collagraph & Experimental Printmaking with Laurie Rudling - 16/17 September 2017, Cromer
This 2-day course will explore intaglio printmaking from an unusual starting point; using the world of collage to create printing plates for two individual pieces. One will exploit the subtleties of traditional art materials to create form and pattern; the other will examine the world of rich textures and ready-made surfaces to produce unique “painterly” prints. 

Mixed Media with Susanne Lakin - 30 September 2017, Overstrand
The focus of the day is to use mixed media to create an exciting response to a variety of objects and images. You will be able to explore the use of charcoal, pens, acrylics and collage – printed material will be available or you can create your own palette using painted paper. 

Photograms with Kate Munro - 7 October 2017, Cromer
A photogram is a simple way of creating a magical black and white photographic image without using a camera. Working in the dark, objects such as plants, flowers, cut paper, lace and string are laid onto photographic paper and exposed with a flash of light. 

Opportunities for Artists/Writers/PerformersFreelance Musician, Creative Arts East

Creative Arts East is looking for musicians who are interested in working with its inclusive older peoples’ programme, ‘Our Day Out’. 'Our Day Out' is a well-supported programme, funded by the Spirit of 2012 Trust, which aims to engage older people in Norfolk with culture and creativity through participatory music and dance sessions, in a dementia-friendly environment. The two-hour sessions run twice a month in Dereham, Watton, Attleborough, North Walsham, Thetford and Wells-next-the-sea, and are all led by professional artists.

We are seeking high-quality musicians with experience of delivering music-making sessions in community settings to work with us on this programme over the next two years. Our sessions are fun and creative, and often give our participants the chance to experience something new. Where possible, we look to programme a series of sessions with an artist/s, allowing the group to build confidence and develop their skills.

If this is something you think you might be interested in, we would love to hear from you. Experience of working with older people and/or people living with dementia is not necessary as training can be provided. More information about the programme can be found here:

Closes: Saturday 5th August

Please click here to get in touch and make an application:

Crafts Council

The Crafts Council is looking for craft makers to plan and deliver workshops for our flagship craft education programme, Make Your Future.

Make Your Future is a hands-on programme that connects traditional craft with digital technologies. The project brings together Higher Education Institutions, cultural partners, secondary schools, and makers to reignite a passion for making in schools and shine a light on craft as a cross-curricular bridge between science, technology, and creative subjects.

Click here for more information and to apply:

Small is Beautiful, Mixed media art competition

For 2017 Coast Arts has teamed up with the Art House Café in Cromer for a multi-media open art competition and exhibition.  Eight inch frames, either flat or box, will be provided for each entrant.

Initial interest in the competition has been high so artists are encouraged to sign-up quickly as numbers of entrants will be limited to 70.

Entry costs just £7, which includes a frame to be used to contain the work.

Full details and entry form on the website or in the Art House Café in Cromer.

Industry Research & InformationGoGoCreate – The Learning Programme for GoGoHares 2018

Break charity are working alongside Wild in Art in partnership to deliver GoGoHares, an exciting new art trail for summer 2018. It follows the huge success of art trails GoGoGorillas! in 2013 and GoGoDragons! 2015 that attracted more than a million people to Norwich.

So, what is GoGoCreate?
This year the educational programme, GoGoCreate, will offer a chance for schools, sports clubs and other community groups to get involved. The Hare sculptures will be joined by smaller leaping leverets, decorated by children, which will star in their own trail for nine weeks during the summer. At the end of the trail the sculptures will be returned to your school or group for a lasting legacy of this unique project.

Why should your school or group take part?
The opportunity to engage in one of the biggest and most exciting mass participation arts project in Norfolk during Summer 2018. You will have your very own adorable leaping leveret sculpture to decorate and keep at the end of the trail. You will receive a creative learning resource pack crammed full of educational hooks, ideas and activities. Plus an opportunity to take part in a bespoke creative writing workshop delivered by Writers Centre Norwich
And it will be so much fun!

The GoGoCreate trail will take place from 2 July until 2 September 2018 and the main GoGoHares trail will run from 24 June to 8 September 2018.  GoGoHares and GoGoCreate will support the work of the young people’s charity Break, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018.

To register your interest or to find out more about the packages available – please go to and download our brochure or contact Pete Marron, GoGoCreate Co-ordinator.

Telephone: 01603 670464/07799210401

Funding OpportunitiesBrighter Future Fund, Norfolk Community Foundation

*Open for applications now*
Deadline for applications 5pm, Friday 21 July 2017. Decisions will be made in late August.

The aim of the Brighter Future Fund is to support charitable and community activity across Norfolk, particularly in relation to accessing music and performing arts. The Brighter Future Fund will provide small grants of up to £500 and the focus of the Fund’s grant making is to support:

Constituted charitable groups creating and/or furthering opportunities for local people of all ages to get involved with music and the performing arts, for example:

•Offering the opportunity to learn an instrument
•Forming a choir and or music-making group.
•The purchase of items and equipment such as instruments, sheet music and other resources.
•Community-based amateur musical or theatre productions.

Preference will be given to applications that can demonstrate sustainability such as the purchase of items for multi-use and investment in equipment or resources for long-term use.

For more information and to apply please visit:

Winston Churchill Craft & Design Travelling Fellowships

Closing date: 19th Sept at 5.00pm

Do you work in the crafts or design sector?
Would you benefit from travelling overseas to meet other people with the same specialism as you? Would you be prepared to share your findings for the improvement of your sector, and the UK as a whole, on your return?

If the answer is yes, and you would like to visit innovative programmes abroad so that you could transfer or adapt them to the UK, a Churchill Fellowship could be for you.

The new 'Craft & Design’ 2018 Travelling Fellowships programme is currently open for applications. If you are inspired by the work of overseas designers, have a project in mind to support craft skills or want to work with overseas craft people/designers and have a project in mind to advance practices in the UK design sector, apply for a @wcmtuk Travelling Fellowship here 

Volunteering OpportunitiesCreative Arts East

Creative Arts East have volunteering opportunities to help with their Rural and Community Touring Cinema, wellbeing project 'Our Day Out' and Live Performance Scheme.

For more information please get in touch by phoning 01953 713390 or email

DissFest 2017

DissFest 2017, a community and arts festival for young people and families, is taking place Friday 21st—Sunday 23rd July all over Diss. We have a large festival space in Diss Park as well as the town centre, with a variety of professional and community artists performing over the weekend.

Are you interested in volunteering, to support the Festival over the weekend?
- Perhaps you are interested in music, art or theatre and can help with the workshops?
- Or maybe happy to flyer and market the festival in town?
- Why not usher the evening events in the marquee?

There is lots to do over the weekend—so if you are interested in working in the arts, currently volunteer with other local Diss events, or want to meet new people and enhance you CV, then why not come and help?

You will need to complete a short application form, just telling us a little bit more about you and what your availability is over the festival weekend. We will also host a briefing meeting prior to the Festival for all volunteers to attend. This will take place in Diss.

If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch with the team on 01379 88 22 00 or or head to our website

Or you can pop into Fairchild’s Tea Rooms for the Launch Event on Saturday 1st July between 12.00-3.00pm to sign up!

Voluntary Summer Activities Assistant 2017, Norwich Theatre Royal

Can you assist with our summer learning and participation activities?

Supporting children and young people, ensuring they are happy and looked after during the summer arts activities at Norwich Theatre Royal and in Stage Two. This is an excellent opportunity for those aiming towards a career in drama, musical theatre and/or teaching to volunteer. Due to the age bracket of the activity participants the minimum age requirement for this voluntary role is 21.

For more information please click here

Maddermarket Theatre

Want to help a local charity, would like to gain experience and make new friends? Or maybe you have some free time and would like to share your own knowledge. The Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich relies on it's band of volunteers, from acting to stage crew, box office to marketing and all areas of front of house.

If you have the time and can offer your skills we'd love to hear from you please email our General Manager Rebecca Wass, There are a number of ways in which you can get involved at the Theatre, and it is a great way to meet new people, add to your CV and gain work experience.

Norfolk Arts Forum


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Let's Get Together for a Friday Takeaway

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 13:27

   A 'news-bouche' of NCC's week...         16 June 2017

Libraries Get Together in UK's largest community celebration

Libraries across the county are getting together this weekend - hosting cream teas and coffee mornings - to help combat loneliness and get communities together in Norfolk. It’s all part of ‘The Great Get Together’ where up and down the country, get-togethers are being planned – big and small – from Big Lunch street parties to BBQs and bake-offs. 

The Big Lunch, in partnership with the Jo Cox Foundation, will be the highlight of The Great Get Together weekend celebrating of Jo’s belief that we have more in common than that which divides us. Read more. 

Anglia TV were filming at Hellesdon Library this morning - look out for it later on their website!

National praise for NCLS 

There was national recognition for our adult education service – Norfolk Community Learning Services - last night at the Municipal Journal’s Local Government Achievement Awards in London. We were shortlisted for the Most Improved Council Award for transforming the service, from an Ofsted rating of ‘Inadequate’, to ‘Good’ in just over 12 months. We were up against stiff competition and, although we didn’t win, it was a still a great achievement. Congratulations to everyone involved.  

Doing more with less to help our ageing population 

This week our promoting independence strategy, aimed at helping people to live independently for longer, made headline news in the EDP on Monday. As new figures revealed the extent of the challenge ahead – a growing ageing population and a tighter social care budget - we’re proposing to move away from costly residential care to more early intervention services so we can cope with these changes. A report will be going to our Adult Social Care Committee on 19 June. Read more.

Round one - calling all OSCA nominations

Round one of the OSCAs nominations is open – so get nominating. You’ve got until 4 August to name a colleague, team or volunteer(s) who have gone the extra mile to deliver exceptional service. Nominate now.

Caring for carers

Today - to coincide with Carers Week - we (together with five Clinical Commissioning Groups) are supporting Carers UK as it launches its initiative to provide tools and information for carers to stay well and independent. This includes a range of digital resources (including a care co-ordination app) and links to local information and support for carers in Norfolk. Recent research shows that there are 94,000 unpaid carers in Norfolk who make an enormous contribution.


Help prepare young people for the world of work

Our Work Experience Norfolk campaign kicked off this week - urging local businesses to help support young people to be better prepared for work by offering work experience placements. If you know an employer who might be interested in inspiring and motivating local young people, please spread the word. They will need to complete a short online form by 23 June, before schools break up for the summer holiday.

It’s Armed Forces Week

Next week is Armed Forces week when you’ll be given the opportunity to find out more about Norfolk’s armed forces communities – to understand better the needs of serving families and veterans in the county, and support them in your day-to-day job. Read more.

Count On our firefighters

This week Norfolk Fire and Rescue colleagues recruits got involved in #CountOnNorfolk. Each bit of kit shown uses different maths skills. Find out more.

CLT out and about this week:

Wendy will be attending the Armed Forces flag-raising on Monday at 11am on the County Hall forecourt. On Wednesday she will be speaking at the Health & Wellbeing Board event at the John Innes Centre, and on Friday afternoon she will be meeting Norfolk Leaders and Chief Executives at the Norfolk Leaders’ meeting.

James has Adult Social Care Committee on Monday and ADASS meetings in Leicester on Wednesday and London on Thursday.

Matt is attending an NSCB board meeting on Monday, and all-staff briefings for Children’s Services on Tuesday in Norwich and Thetford. On Wednesday he is also attending the health and wellbeing event at the John Innes Centre, and on Thursday the Essex stocktake.

On Monday Simon will attend the flag-raising for Armed Forces Day.  Tuesday sees the inaugural meeting of the Business and Property Committee.  On Thursday/Friday, he will attend CLT (offsite) Development Sessions.

Next week Tom will be attending the EDT, Communities and Business and Property service committees. He will also be at the Armed Forces Week flag-raising ceremony and attend a meeting with the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce and Norwich City FC.

For more information on CLT, visit Our Leadership Team.

If you use Staff Call or Comensura, read on…

A reminder that from 3 July, arrangements for providing agency workers will change. Experience provider de Poel will take over existing contracts with Staff Call and Comensura. Read more here.

You’re hired says the Prince’s Trust  

The Prince’s Trust ‘Get Hired’ event took place on Wednesday with young people being trained for social care careers with workshops and a Q&A. The event concluded with real care providers carrying out interviews with young people.  The event is a partnership effort with Norfolk & Suffolk Care Support.

NorseCare open up their doors for Care Home Open Day 2017

Once again, NorseCare homes are opening up their doors to welcome local communities into their care homes to meet residents and tenants as part of Care Home Open Day 2017.

The annual event shows people what excellent care homes are really about and how they can be at the centre of local communities, developing relationships across the generations.

More information about Care Home Open Day can be found here.

The full list of events and locations are listed on NorseCare’s website.

This week's blog

Wendy Thomson, Managing Director

I’m posting this blog as usual on a Friday morning, but the week’s activities and events seem trivial when compared to the terrible tragedy which unfolded in the early hours of Wednesday morning at Grenfell Tower in west London. Our thoughts go out to all those families and individuals affected by this devastating event…

Read more.

Missed last week's edition? Don't worry - you can find all editions at The Friday Takeaway

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Norfolk County Council - Children's Services Committee

Norfolk Council News Feed - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 13:13

You are subscribed to receive this alert and notification regarding the publication of Norfolk County Council Committee Papers relating to Children's Services Committee. The Agenda for the meeting due to be held on Monday, 26 June 2017 is now available.
Please note that Norfolk County Council is moving towards more paperless working and printed meeting papers are not generally available at our public meetings. Please click on the highlighted link above and then, within the site that opens, click the relevant date under the “Scheduled Meeting Date” column to see these papers.
If you have any queries please email


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Norfolk County Council Trading Standards Business Scam, News and Information Alerts

Norfolk Council News Feed - Thu, 06/15/2017 - 17:44

You are subscribed to receive Business Scam Alerts, Trading Standards Business News and information. This information has recently been updated, and is now available.

Report scams to;

Action Fraud (UK’s National Fraud Office) 0300 123 2040 or 

Trading Standards Business Line 0344 800 8020

See our Facebook page at: and ‘Like’ us

Follow us on twitter at


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Norfolk County Council Trading Standards Consumer Scam, News and Information Alerts

Norfolk Council News Feed - Thu, 06/15/2017 - 17:42

Latest Consumer Alerts and Trading Standards news

We’re highlighting the following consumer news and scams:

Email scams and phishing alerts

Look out for the following email scams which are circulating: 

If you receive one of these emails delete it without clicking on any links in the message. You can report scam emails to Action Fraud, details below.

More advice and updates from Norfolk TS

For more consumer advice and updates, visit our consumer alerts web page or follow us on Facebook or twitter.

Reporting scams

Reporting any scams you receive can help to build up intelligence on the scammers and how they target people. You can report scams to:

Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline 03454 04 05 06 or
Action Fraud (UK’s National Fraud Office) 0300 123 2040 or

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Norfolk County Council News Update

Norfolk Council News Feed - Wed, 06/14/2017 - 17:39

You are subscribed to News releases for Norfolk County Council.

The following news has recently been added to our website:

Local priorities top of the agenda for small highway schemes

Call for more foster carers and adopters as events take place in Norwich and King’s Lynn

View details on our news page.

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