Cancellation of Chairman's Training - 9th February 2017

Unfortunately, due to illness, the Chairman's Training planned for this morning (9th February 2017) is cancelled. If you have delegates booked to attend please inform them as soon as possible. The LRALC office will also be contacting those parishes concerned ...

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A Councillor's Workbook on Neighbourhood and Community Engagement

Neighbourhood and community engagement has a rightful place as one of the key processes involved in planning and decision making. As such, it should not be viewed as an additional task, but as a core part of the business of local councils.

This workbook has ...

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Keep it Local for Better Services - Devolved Services Guide for Councillors

Faced with limited choices when it comes to providing quality, cost-effective public services, commissioners are being pushed into inefficient, centralised services and mega contracts in a bid to answer austerity's challenges.

But there is a better way: ...

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How safe are your files?

A valuable lesson can be learnt from the unfortunate and costly experience of Tiverton Town Council who lost 2 years worth of computer files just by opening one email. The email contained ransomware and anti-virus software was powerless to stop it.

Not only ...

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LRALC Strategic Plan 2017/2020 - Full consultation now open

The second LRALC Strategic Plan was approved for consultation with the membership by the January 2017 Executive Committee.

The consultation on the full document (including action plan) will last until Friday 3rd March 2017. Responses from member councils should be sent to ...

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Clerks - watch the new CiLCA video to find out how CiLCA can give you the tools to make confident, informed decisions for your council and your community.

Would you like to build your confidence in your role within local council?

The CiLCA qualification provides you with a broad knowledge of all the aspects of a clerk's work - roles and responsibilities, the law, procedures, finance planning and community involvement. It is a level 3 ...

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Council tax referendum principles have not been extended to local (parish and town) councils in 2017/18.

Council tax referendum principles have not been extended to local (parish and town) councils in 2017/18.

The secretary of state for communities and local government, Sajid Javid MP, yesterday announced the provisional local government finance settlement for 2017/18 in the House of ...

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LRALC 2016 Newsletter No. 6 now published!

The latest LRALC newsletter is available to download now. Contents include:

Top Tip – Emergency/Resilience Planning.

LRALC newsletter – A member only resource!

LRALC website access – Guidance for outgoing clerks.


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Proposals to replace LGO with Public Service Ombudsman include coverage for Town and Parish Councils for first time

Proposals have been published to replace the Local Government Ombudsman with a Public Service Ombudsman which would mean Ombudsman coverage for all Town and Parish Councils for first time.

Currently local councils do not have a regulatory body or Ombudsman. This ...

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IMPORTANT CONSULTATION: LRALC Draft Strategic Plan - Priorities and Actions

Dear Member Council (Clerks, please circulate to all Cllrs),

Please find attached a presentation which summarises the draft strategic priorities and actions discussed and provisionally/informally agreed by the LRALC Executive Committee at a planning session on Monday 14th November ...

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"Exploring the Environmental, Social and Economic Benefits of Creating a Neighbourhood Plan" Tuesday January 24th 2017 - Uppingham

Exploring the Environmental, Social and Economic Benefits of Creating a Neighbourhood Plan Tuesday January 24th 2017

The Falcon Hotel, Uppingham, Rutland LE15 9PY - 10am to 4.30pm A DCLG/Locality Funded Invitation supported by Rutland County Council.

Please ...

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Press Release for ALL Member Councils: External Audit Appointments


SAAA Ltd is pleased to announce that it has successfully concluded the procurement process and has awarded contracts for the supply of limited assurance audit reviews for smaller authorities. Three audit firms have been appointed as suppliers for the ...

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Parish Councillors - Leaders of Change

In recent weeks we have dealt with a number of queries from councils who have had "casual vacancies" to fill as a result of councillor resignations. A common reason for these resignations seem to be frustration at what is perceived to be "limited powers to influence change", or similar. I rarely get the ...

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