LRALC Christmas Shutdown

The LRALC office will close at 4.30pm on the 23rd December and the office will re-open at 8am on Monday 4th January.

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Don't ignore the Workplace Pension

Whatever your views are on the advert itself, the newly launched "Workie says: Don't ignore the Workplace Pension" campaign should have struck and nerve with every parish councillor and clerk in the country, and if it hasn't then those concerned are probably still not aware of the imminent duties that ...

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Precept Setting - Is Your Council Street Legal?

It is that time of year again; the precept and budget setting period for parish and town councils.

Each year we hear of horror stories where a council has gone into confidential session (i.e. excluded the public) to set the budget and/or precept, or even worse agreed the budget/precept ...

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LRALC 2015 Newsletter No. 7 available now

The LRALC 2015 Newsletter No. 7 is available to download now. Contents include:

Top tip – The Power to Spend

The Glasgow Bin Lorry Crash – Lessons for Local Councils (article by Personnel Advice & Solutions Ltd)

New measures to simplify and speed ...

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Lessons to learn? Are you REALLY in control of your council's finances (Brierley Town Council Public Interest Report)?

Many involved in the sector will know of the large scale fraud which took place at a Town Council in Yorkshire a few years ago, even if you don't know the Council (Brierley Town Council) by name.

The Public Interest Report relating to this was published earlier this ...

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DCLG visit to Leicestershire and Rutland

LRALC today hosted a visit by DCLG to Leicestershire and Rutland, including visits to two member councils, a lunch with the LRALC Executive Committee, and a briefing for 50+ delegates from councils across the area.

The presentation delivered by John Connell from ...

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LCC Quarterly Clerk's Operational Meeting Agenda 1st October 2015

The agenda for the next LCC Quarterly Clerk's Operational Meeting on 1st October 2015 is now available using the link below.

Of note is the inclusion of the Leicester and Leicestershire Combined Authority proposals.

Please book your attendance at this meeting ...

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Leicester and Leicestershire Combined Authority consultation

The city, county and district councils are working on proposals to create a combined authority which would oversee Planning, Transport, Skills and Devolution in Leicester and Leicestershire. This would not replace individual councils and their current services but would enable them to work more ...

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LRALC Executive Committee Membership 2015-16

At yesterday's LRALC Executive Committee meeting a number of new Executive Committee members were appointed, bringing membership levels up to nearly the full quota of 14.

A single vacancy exists within the Rutland Branch and we would be keen to hear from any Cllr from a ...

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Electoral review of Leicestershire County Council - Consultation on draft recommendations

From 6th October 2015 until 1st December 2015 the Local Government Boundary Commission will be consulting on the draft recommendations of the electoral review of Leicestershire County Council.

Following the LRALC faciliatated briefing earlier this year we would now ...

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NALC Proposed Default Membership of the Direct Access Scheme

A review of the Direct Access Scheme was commissioned by the NALC Larger Councils' Committee (LCC) at its meeting in January, 2015. A Task and Finish Group was established containing two CALC representatives, clerks from two larger councils, one not on the Scheme, and NALC officers covering each of the ...

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Local Council Award Scheme (ex Quality Council) - End of ‘free foundation year’ approaching

Councils will be aware that the 'free foundation year' is flying by and many councils may be turning to getting formally accredited under the scheme before their free year expires. To keep their unbroken accreditation history, councils need to take into consideration the following dates: ...

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Council Communications and Social Media

Many councils are asking for advice and model documents in relation to communications and social media. Please remember that NALC provide a number of resources for member councils to use, and provide the following to assist with this area of concern for parish councils: ...

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An open letter from NALC to local (parish and town) councils and County Associations of Local Councils

Please note that these views expressed in the letter from NALC (below) do not necessarily represent the views of LRALC. We would invite you to share any views you may have with NALC and/or LRALC by October 9th for reporting to the NALC AGM:

Over many years ...

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Transparency Fund Now Open - See Here For Application Form and Guidance Notes

The Transparency Fund is now open!

At the bottom of this page you will find the application form to apply for the Transparency Fund and the supporting guidance. Please note you must log in to access the application form, though the guidance notes are accessible without logging in ...

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