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Updated: 1 hour 19 min ago

High price to pay for low standards

Wed, 08/24/2016 - 12:34
The council is increasing the charges it makes to landlords when it issues them notices regarding unsatisfactory housing.

Call for cyber-smarts to foil scammers

Wed, 08/24/2016 - 11:27
A call for vigilance against internet hoaxes is going out after a resident wrote to the council to warn against an elaborate but increasingly common scam.

Voter registration drive now underway

Tue, 08/23/2016 - 16:53
Across the district, voter registration forms have begun dropping through letterboxes as Cherwell District Council's annual canvass gets underway.

Beautiful game is a walk in the park

Tue, 08/23/2016 - 13:15
With the new football season already underway, Cherwell residents are being reminded that they don't have to sprint like Gareth Bale to reap the rewards of a kick about.

Sponsor's chance for a positive spin

Mon, 08/22/2016 - 12:11
Town businesses are being invited to boost their visibility and support a good cause by sponsoring Bicester Bike Loan.

Woodgreen Open Air Pool Closure

Mon, 08/22/2016 - 11:28
Due to problems with the pumps, Woodgreen Open Air Pool in Banbury will be closed today (Monday, 22 August) to allow for repair work to take place.

No plastering over eyesore tip

Fri, 08/19/2016 - 17:40
Planks, palettes and plasterboard were amongst the illegally dumped waste recovered by council officers near Bainton this week.

No glass ceiling for folk-rock recyclers

Tue, 08/16/2016 - 17:54
As the district's most iconic music festival drew to a close, council officers were on hand to recycle the huge volume of glass used by the fans.

Banbury's laser-guided course to Rio glory

Tue, 08/16/2016 - 16:43
Banbury dinghy manufacturers will have their eyes glued to the screen this evening as they watch their vessels vie for the podium in Rio.

Fest to impress

Mon, 08/15/2016 - 15:37
Banbury children will bring a summer of fun to a close as they gather for Summer Fest, a play day focussed on strengthening community bonds and promoting healthy eating.

Bicester recyclers repair to roadshow

Mon, 08/15/2016 - 13:17
The summer electronics recycling circuit will come to a close as council officers hold their final roadshow on August 20.

Local people get ahead of the queue to build their own home at Graven Hill

Mon, 08/15/2016 - 11:18
Local people are showing keen interest in building their own dream home at Graven Hill, as the very first plots prepare to go on sale.

Voter registration a requirement for all

Mon, 08/15/2016 - 10:45
Forms asking residents to verify the information they have on the electoral register will begin dropping on doormats from 22 August, as Cherwell District Council begins its annual canvass.

Free football on the AstroTurf for Kidlington youngsters

Fri, 08/12/2016 - 15:16
Budding Beckhams will have the opportunity to perfect their passing on the AstroTurf as the council puts on two free football sessions at Kidlington and Gosford Leisure Centre in the coming days.

Green message to help food fair finds go further

Fri, 08/12/2016 - 10:19
Visitors to Banbury Food Fair can get help making their groceries go further as council officers show their backing for the Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

Farming history ploughs ahead to win sports vote

Thu, 08/11/2016 - 19:57
Residents in Bicester have chosen Whitelands Farm Sports Ground as the name for the new multi-million pound leisure development on the Kingsmere estate.

Ardley proposal denied on appeal

Thu, 08/11/2016 - 12:25
A government inspector has backed a decision by council planning officers to refuse an application to build three dwellings on land adjacent to Ardley Road in Fewcott, next to the village hall.

Reduce bag use with green freebie

Thu, 08/11/2016 - 12:05
As plastic carrier bag use plummets across the country, the council is offering a sustainable alternative that helps people sort their recycling.

Out of town retail park remains out of luck

Wed, 08/10/2016 - 18:08
Plans for Bicester's out of town retail park have been dismissed at appeal after a Government planning inspector agreed it would cause significant traffic congestion and have an adverse effect on future development.

Extra places lead to happy faces

Tue, 08/09/2016 - 20:15
More than 900 bookings were taken during the first two weeks of Cherwell District Council's holiday hubs leading to an increase in places being made available.